Buying music on iTunes using my iPod Touch

You can purchase music using the iTunes installed on the Touch. I wanted to try this out but didn’t want to spend any money or credits on the experiment. So I decided to get the current free Single of the Week. Unfortunately, there is no display on the Touch for this, unlike in iTunes on my Mac. You have search for it. Also, you can’t display the shopping cart or any other things I was accustomed to seeing on the desktop version of iTunes. What you will see on the Touch is the top songs from each genre or hot singles. I didn’t really like that since I don’t usually pay attention to it. But the search feature is great. As you type the search criteria, you will be seeing results. The results will lessen as you type more letters.

The shopping cart on the Touch is different from the shopping cart on the iTunes on your desktop. So you will not see items you have in the shopping cart unless it was added using the Touch. This was interesting since the account you’re using is the same for both Touch and iTunes desktop.

So I purchased the free song. The download was fast, as fast as my desktop – I was using my wifi network at home so there shouldn’t be a big difference, if any. Once done, it added a new playlist labeled Purchased just as it does on the desktop. Then I synced it to my desktop. It automatically saved a copy on my desktop and it created a new playlist labeled Purchased on win’s iPod Touch. Very convenient process. Now I can buy music on my Touch as long as there’s a wifi signal and not have to worry about syncing issues with my desktop.

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