Rosewill N900PCE

Newegg recently had a sale on the Rosewill N900PCE dual band wireless card. I thought I would try them out since I switched out my router to an Asus RT-N66R. The package came with everything you’ll need, even a low-profile bracket. Here’s some pics I took during my unboxing.




Sadly the performance didn’t live up to expectations. Here are some screen shots during file transfer. The best speed I can get when I transfer to my NAS is 6.34 MB/s (around 50 Mbps).

wireless speed

When connected with a wire, my speed is 53.1 MB/s (over 400 Mbps).

wireless speed

My computer is 1.5 feet away from the router and no object in between the two. I’ve checked for the latest driver/software version. I’ve tried it on both Windows 7 and 8 64bit. I’ve tried it on a different PCI-E slot. All resulting in to similar results. I’m kind of bummed. I wish it would’ve been faster since the price was great. Oh well, better luck next time.

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