More upgrades to my i5 2500K

A few more upgrades to my i5 2500K build AKA transcoding server. First is an additional fan for my Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus. It temps only improved by 2-4° C on idle. I have the heatsink placed vertically. The air is pushing to the top onto the case fan. I would place it horizontally with the air flow pushing out to the back but it’s against the wall. I figured I have more room for the air to exhaust out on top. When I get some time, I may reposition it and compare the temperature. It isn’t an issue at the moment.

The next upgrade is the eVGA nVidia GTX550TI. It’s a nice card for the price. I prefer nVidia video cards over ATI. Just a personally preference and have been happy with the performance. There were some driver instability on my GTX470TI in my other PC with Windows 7 Pro 64bit, but those have been resolved. Being a transcoding machine, I didn’t want to go too crazy on the video card but wanted the CUDA capabilities.

Yes, I know, cable management. This could also be causing my weird temperatures as well haha. Again, I’ll look into it when I get some time, but not an issue at the moment.

Finally, another SSD hard drive. This time it’s the Sandisk Extreme 120GB. SSD prices have been dropping like crazy. My goal is to replace all hard drives running the operating system on all my computers to SSD… almost there.

The computer has been running very well. Using Handbrake to transcode, CPU at mostly 100% for hours, it’s stable and temperatures don’t go over 54° C. What’s great is everything is powered with a 500W power supply.

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