New UPS for the home server – CyberPower CP1350AVRLCD

A few weeks ago I bought a new UPS for my home server. At first, I figured the surge protector would be enough but I got worries since I leave the server on mostly everyday. I’ve invested a lot in not only the hardware but the data it’s storing as well. I did some research and ended up with the CyberPower CP1359AVRLCD UPS.

Here are the key things I noticed:

  • The LCD display is easy to read. The navigation is easy to use.
  • The output capacity is up to 810 Watts. My WHS 2011 server is running at about 115W when it’s active so there’s plenty more that I can plug in. Though you can only plug in one device that will use the battery if the power goes out.
  • The software is both Mac and PC compatible. I don’t know if the Mac version is any good since my server is running Windows. The software will do test runs as well and has a gauge for the the health of the battery. You can use USB to connect to the server and it is included.
  • There are 7 outlets with surge protection. The spacing may not accommodate for wide adapters though.
  • It is pretty heavy but it doesn’t take up much space.
  • The battery is replaceable.

This particular model does support some, not all PFC power supplies. The newer versions use Active PFC Adaptive Sinewave technology – compatible with the more efficient power supplies. I’ve many articles about this and still have yet to fully understand it. I just hope it will know what to do whenever the power goes out. Hopefully my hardware doesn’t get damage or fail. Here are some pics I have taken.

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