Answer from the Embassy

So my husband made a call to the US embassy in manila(thanks for the people at visa journey, we were able to find a number that will not cost us anything), he talked to Lorraine and he was informed that the reason why we are put on AR is that they have to do a routine check of all our documents from the NSO if they are true and valid. My husband says that if they want other proof that we were both not married before, we have it with us, but the thing is they never asked for it. Well he was told that even if we presented everything that we have, it wouldnt make a difference since they routinely do it. I dont know why they say “routinely do it ” when in fact we know a lot of people who are just approved and not put on AR. Considering the fact that what we have prepared are way beyond what they require from us, it is all useless since before we even get there seems like they have already make up their minds that we will be on AR. My husband has called their congressman and emailed a senator to help us with our situation. I think it will only be fair for us to question them why we are put on AR, what is their basis to put us on AR? If they are not convinced with the relationship then they could have asked for more proofs which we had(more pictures,passport proving his visits 4x in a year, CENOMAR, gift receipts,etc), but they didnt asked. Instead we were reassured that we gave them everything they need. Maybe I am just stressed out going through this endeavor. Maybe it is valid for them to do that..I dont know anymore. I just hope that we will be out of AR soon. I know there are some who is going through the same journey as us, I know that it is not a great feeling been put in uncertainty. But all we can do is keep our faith stronger and keep believing that God is always here with us. We may not understand the reason why certain things happen, but whatever it is He simply knows whats best for all of us.

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