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We are currently using Phanfare as our online photo gallery. They have been great for the 1+ years we’ve been with them. They have unlimited storage, allow full quality photos, we have access to the original files, and video uploads. Recently, they upgraded my account over to their new version 2.0. My biggest complaint is our gallery is only accessible to Phanfare account holders. I wrote them an email about it and was informed that they will implement the ability for non-account holders view access again but in June. So I spent some time today looking at other companies out there that provide similar services.

SmugMug looks great but I felt the price was too high. PicasaWeb would’ve been great but they don’t have an unlimited storage. Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc. looks like a giant advertisement and I didn’t see them storing full quality photos as part of their services.

So far Flickr is leading the pack. For $25 per year I’ll be getting most of what I am now. I will be missing the following things from Phanfare:

allows me to upload videos that are longer than 90 seconds an application where I can edit photos and albums and have the changes update on the website templates of albums are more personal But the advantages for moving to Flickr

  • they seem to be more Mac friendly
  • lower cost
  • more features like adding notes, map the photos, groups, online photo editor
  • more APIs available

Even after the email they sent me I’m still considering the switch since the my advantages outweigh what I’ll miss. But we’ll see if Abby will like the new stuff. Until then, we are disabling our photo gallery until we have decided on what service we will use.

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