Wooohooo! I passed the FPGEE

After 7 weeks wait, my Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination(FPGEE) result was received yesterday and I am still in awe. I was waiting for it the whole week and it was only yesterday that I went out to buy some things for our church wedding when it finally came. First, before I share my experience I would like tothank God for making things happen for the best as always. Secondly, my family that has been very supportive of me in my dreams and aspiration, who prays for my good health and well-being. And of course most especially to my hubby who has been there with me all the way (waking up early to drop me off the library, giving up his weekend for my review…) and for never loosing faith in me that I am gonna do very good in my test. It gave me a pressure and encouragement at the same time:)Thanks baby, whatever sacrifices that we gave it has been all worth it for God has answered our prayer.

As I posted in Dec, FPGEE got me busy after I had a miscarriage. It was August when I started to study for the exam. At that time I had a hard time since I was at the same being hospitalized often due to arrhythmia. It has been very hard to focus so I was praying really hard that God guide me through all this since I am giving my best to achieve my dream. I think it was about 3-4 hospitalization with monthly check-up and after an ablation for pvc, my heart beat finally has been normal again. Anyways with so many things happening in my life, with my illness and while I am still adjusting to my new home and environment, I know there is no excuse not to pass the test. But surely, I gave my best.

My day of studying, just like when I was in medicine is a routine. Everyday I would go at Rancho Cucamonga Library at 8am and I will be finish studying by 8pm. On weekends, we have like a group study in LA. My husband would really complain since initially my plan is no books on weekends but then I would end up asking him to spend time with me studying at Starbucks. But despite that effort, I would still feel that I need to study more. Since I didnt get my degree here in America and with little knowledge of the practice of pharmacy here, its hard to gain that confidence. And not to forget the fact that my exposure for quite a while is being a doctor of radiology in which the responsibility and role is different from a pharmacist.

Anyways for those who will take the test, there is no specific book that the FPGEE recommends. But what has been helpful for me basically is Leon Shargel “Comprehensive Pharmacy Review”, but that wouldn’t be enough. I read Shargel twice and its hard, since only in August that I started, thats why in studying you should have a time table and should be strict in complying with it. After reading Shargel, its time to dig in the basics of chemistry(organic,inorganic and general) in which I used Schaum’s outline. The key here is if you don’t understand something…research and try to figure things out yourself. There are different books available in amazon where I buy them. But before I do, I search online which books others recommend and at the same time I borrowed more than 20 reference book from the library. This includes Easy Way and Dummies for anatomy, for physiology, for organic chemistry, and several other books. I also searched the internet most of the time, I am happy to find out that there are many students here in America shares their lecture notes which when coupled with the reference books helps me refreshens my memory. Since I took these basic subjects more than 10 yrs ago, it made me easier to recall the basic subjects specially the chemistry part. Another book that I used is my set of Manan Shroff which I ordered from pharmaexam.com, I know there are some who used just either Shargel or Shroff for the test but to be sure study both, they are very good and works hand in hand together. I put more time in the areas which are my weaknesses and this will be Pharmaceutical Calculation(since we didnt have the same calculation in Med School) and of course Chemistry subjects.

Whatever your techniques are or method of studying is, as long as this is how you learn easily then go with it. What works for me might not work for others. I am just sharing my experience in the process of achieving my goal. My weapon ever since I would want to attain something especially with my studies and career has always been PRAYERS and HARD WORK. These for me is a powerful combination that leads to the road of fulfilling my dreams. I was praying to St. Jude, Divine Mercy, San Buenaventura, our Lady of Perpetual Help, its like everyday I have different novena prayers.They say that when you pray to God be specific in what you ask for, so when I was starting to study I would pray to God to help me get a score of 97 scaled score(score ranges from 1-150 with 75 as a passing score) and I would be very happy. As the days goes by as it approaches the exam day…I was praying Lord “75 please” just let me pass, I am now being realistic since now I don’t know if I covered everything for the test. After the test was done, I keep telling my husband that I really had a hard time with the test and all I can think of is my mistakes in the test which I am very certain that its wrong. Despite that fact, I still continued praying and wishing that things will turn out as I wanted it to be. And with Gods blessing, I still can’t believe it up to now that not only did I pass but I went over my goal and reach over 100.

To all test takers in the future… study hard and best of luck to everyone.

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  1. HI Walter! I sent my application to nabp last july 31 via first class mail (2-3 days delivery) and I am from ca. My ee number is dated august 7, 2007 and it indicated there that my application is being evaluated. So, I think after nabp receives your application in just 3-5 days they will give you an ee number while they evaluate your application and awaits for your other requirement such as the ece evaluation. Are you planning to take the test this june? What country are you from?

  2. Hi AbbyI am planning to take FPGEE in June. Send all my stuff Registration, form 100 and ECE Sealed Envelop, I got it evaluated from ECE to continue my studies. i have recieved my EE today it says application evaluated…whats next now…I have send request to ECE to send the Copy of evaluation to NABP. But they said they need different application to be filled.My question ..I donot knoww whether they have accepted same ECE report or I have send them new.Thanks in advanceJim

  3. Hi Jasper! Sorry for the late response for those who posted. I am in Phi right now and we just had our church wedding yesterday so I have time now to answer your questions.For you to start your registration for the exam, you go to the nabp website http://www.nabp.net and click on the left side of the site, look for examination programs. Upon seeing FPGEE click this and on the far right you can see: Second: request and FPGEC application. Fill this page out and wait for nabp to send you the application form. Before doing this make sure to submit transcript and diploma to ECE.Hope this helps.:)

  4. Hey Jim! I am kind of confused if ECE is suggesting for you to have a further studies or if you have met their requirements to sit in for the June exam. But if I am in your shoes, I would talk to them(nabp) directly so that you know for sure what they wanted from you next. Please call their number in IL at 1-847-391-4406 at night time here in Phi, past 9pm. Do not forget to note the date, time and the name of the person you speak with just to have a documentation that these was the instruction given to you to be able to take the FPGEE.Good luck to you!

  5. Hi Abby!Congratulations on passing the FPGEE and Best Wishes on your wedding! I’m so glad I found your blog and I just want to ask you, how long does it take for the NABP to evaluate credentials and what not, since you said that they will issue EE nos. even before the ATT, am I correct? Thanks in advance. Have fun in the P.I, I was just there last January and can’t wait to go back again! Oh by the way, what school did you graduate from? I’m from UST batch 2001. Anyway, thanks again!

  6. Hello Sheila! I am a Thomasian as well, Pharmacy batch 1997.Here’s what I did…From Ca, my credentials were sent to ECE back in January 2007. It took them almost a month to evaluate it, then I received an email from them with an ECE reference number and an authorization for them to send the document report to NABP. I didn’t fill out the authorization yet until August which was the time I have decided to take the test. It took them less than a week, after I emailed the authorization, to send my evaluation report to NABP.I got my EE number after NABP received the application form(form 100). When NABP receives your complete requirement including the ECE evaluation report then it would take another 2-4weeks for them to send you an authorization letter to take the test. You will be choosing the place where you want to take the test, this can be done through email or mail.Hope this helps.Thanks for visiting our website, and I did enjoyed our vacation. I miss everybody in Phi, can’t wait to have another trip:)

  7. Hi Abby!Thanks for the quick reply, so, nag-abot pa pala tayo sa UST, senior ka, freshman ako! hehe! I’m also in California, sa Oxnard. I just filed my application sa nabp, although, it has been a year for my ECE report, do I need to submit my documents again, or should I just request for them to send the report to NABP? I remember, I ordered 2 reports, one for NABP and one unofficial that was sent to me. Ano ba gagawin ko, litong lito na ako! Please help! Thanks again!Sheila

  8. Hi Abby! It’s me again, you don’t have to answer my questions, I already called them, and everything’s fine, I hope! Anyway, I read from your blog that you got Events Manila for you wedding, Weng is my friend and she was also my coordinator and emcee on my wedding (and my sister’s too). I love her. Are you a W@Wie as well? Just asking! Have a nice day!Sheila

  9. Sorry for the late response, I still have jet lag.I agree Sheila, Weng is very good in what she do. I used W@W to get most of my suppliers, thats where I found events Manila.I hope everything will turn out smoothly for your upcoming FPGEE. Good luck on your test. Study hard and pray a lot. Keep me posted, just leave a message and hopefully I can be of help in my own little way.abby

  10. Hi Abby! How are you? Well, I just got my ATT for June 08 exam, I’m so happy, but at the same time nervous thinking I only have two months to review, do you think that would be enough? And by the way, what books did you use for your reviewers? Hope you can help me again. Thanks in advance. God bless!Sheila

  11. Hey Sheila, I am doing well, I hope the same way goes for you. I think it is not a matter of how much time you have left instead its more of how you will organize your time at that limited time. I think it will be harder if you are working at the same time but it is not impossible for you to pass. I started 4 months before the test but during that time I was hospitalized every month for about 3-5 days each admission. So because of those times that I got sick I would say that I put 3 months studying. At first I organize my schedule into 6 hours a day review but due to my hospitalization and sick days I ended up allotting 8-12hrs/day to study. At this point put more time for the topics you have a hard time understanding. Do not forget that calculations are very important. When you know your weakness, try to prioritize and have a study plan. What I did is that I did a calendar and wrote each topic that I should accomplish each day. If I didn’t meet my target plan then I adjust my schedule its either I give more time to study during weekend(no shopping or bonding time with my hubby) or less sleep hours for me on week days.I used Shargel as the main book but I also have a complete set of Manan Shroff book. Other than these, I borrowed books from the library to refresh my memory with our basic subjects such as Anatomy, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, and Statistics. Though I borrowed this, I didn’t read these from cover to cover I just browsed to have an idea and remember some of the important topics which do you think they may ask. Well you are younger than me so that means that what we have studied before is more fresh in your memory:) Keep me posted and if you need some clarification with any topics that I am familiar with, just feel free to message me so I can help. Good luck! Stay positive that you can do it.

  12. Hi Abby,Congrats on your success in the exams and also your wedding.Thanks so much for sharing your experience and how you went about studying.I intend writing the December exams.I haven’t started reading and I pray i can put in enough time because i am working.And it isn’t easy combining work and study.I would appreciate any advise on how to go about studying and whatever will be of help.Thanks dear.

  13. Hi there! Thanks for visiting our site specifically my blog. I am happy to share my experience cause for foreign grads like us we need to have some sort of support to go through all this.How long since the last time you were expose to pharmaceutical field?I suggest you focus more on your weaknesses, subjects that you are having a hard time with or uncomfortable studying cause these are the ones that needed more time. Since I would assume that you got your blue print go through it so that you have a guideline on what you should know. I will give you an example of how I organize my schedule..during the first month just to refresh my memory with the the different classes of drugs, i started with them first…anti-hypertension, anti-psychotic, anti-diabetic,etc. The following month I gave two weeks just for phar cal since i totally forgot about the formulas, then the rest of the month is for phar eco and management. Following this are the hard ones which I need to focus on, chemical structures,immunology, organic chemistry and all the basics, in this way I will be able to remember well during the exam since they are still fresh.It really depends on what you are comfortable with as long as this will give you more knowledge and increase your confidence during the testing date. Always remember that what you reap is what you sow. If you have studied enough and put your heart in it with a lot of prayers…I know that you will be able to be successful it this.I wish you all the best, hopefully this will work for you as well. Keep me posted.abby

  14. Hi,Thank God have found your blog. Its helpful for me.But since I havent done anything yet for the FPGEE. I would like to ask a favor on how you go through the whole process. =)1.) Where did you took the review , how much, and how many sessions? (btw, im here in PI. A single mom and working full time as pharma rep)2.) I would like to know if I will be attending a review now, Will I make it on the Dec exam since there are other requirements need to be submitted and of course preparation will i not be cramming? 3.) Since I’m here in PI. Of course all the expenses will be shouldered by me. From the airfare, the lodging and food for myself while staying there. How many days are the exam proper?4.) What subject you find hard during the exam itself?5.) If a foreign RPh will get a 75, just the passing mark, will it not be hard for him/her to have a job since its not an exceptional score?Maybe thats it for now. I hope you will be able to answer all my queries since I really dont know how to start the whole process =( Thanks very much

  15. The review is in LA and is for Filipinos only since it is more of a group study not the ones conducted by a company which follows FPGEE guidelines from the blueprint itself. The reason why I think this is exclusive is because we will be able to talk in our native language when discussing subject matters. I know that Morris Cody offers a review but I am not sure how good are they. The amount of time you need will really depend on how much you still remember the basic subjects, since I graduated in 1997 I know that I had to give time to each subject to refresh my memory. As I mentioned I studied for no less than 8 hours everyday except on weekends, if you cannot give the same amount of time each day then try to manage it and make up during the weekends. Maybe you can study after work for a few hours and full time on weekends.As for the exam itself, the hardest are the identifying the structures and immunology. Some of my friends had a hard time with the basics like anatomy and physiology but since I was able to browse through it then I didn’t encounter the same dilemma. I am not a 100% sure but from what I know the important matter to the companies is that you met the requirements to be eligible to be a pharmacist. Also, it depends on the availability of work in your area. For example, although you have a very high FPGEE score and wants to practice around LA this wouldn’t be possible since the area is already congested with pharmacist and a lot of applicants are waiting to find a job. Thus, your score wouldn’t matter if the need is really high.I suggest you start completing the requirements to ECE and FPGEE. Few months before the test, you will be able to gauge whether you are equipped to take the test if you don’t feel confident enough then reschedule it for the June test. You are the only one who can really know if you are ready. Stay positive and work hard to reach your goals.Hope this helps. Good luck!

  16. Hi Abby, Thanks for helping foreign pharmacist with the information you have. Please do you know how long it takes from requesting for ECE evaluation to approval to take the FPGEE exam. I am a UK graduate and also wondering if you know foreign graduate from the UK. The UK programme is a 4yr degree and wondering if any UK graduate has been aproved to sit the FPGEE exam.Thanks for your response.

    1. Your welcome. For the ECE evaluation it took 3-4 weeks. I do not know anybody from UK but I have read some post from the forum of testmagic. Try going in that website, I think they can help you out since their advise will be more accurate considering that you are on the same boat. I know that they did take the test but as to how, I am really not sure if they did some other extra things.

  17. Hi, congrats., please can you help me what book i need use for FPGEE., ? i have to take my test april 2009., please help me., if do you have specific ISBN # ., Thank you

  18. Hi Abby,I want to write FPGEE.Don’t know first which documents are send to ECE or NABP.I would appreciate any advise.Thank u so mich.

    1. hi there. sorry for the late response. you need to submit your documents to ECE for the review of your credentials so that they can determine if you are qualified to sit in for the test.Good luck!

    2. you will need your credentials to be evaluated by ece first. from them you will know the next step to take.

  19. Hi abby, first of all, congratulations on passing the exam.. i ran into your blog while researching on the net on how to work in the US. Im a graduate of BSPharmacy in 2007 here in the Philippines, and I am currently taking up my Doctorate. Do I meet the requirements? Since graduates of pharmacy after 2003 or 2002 (i forgot) are required to have undergone at least 5 years of pharmacy education. Thanks for helping all of us.

    1. thanks. sorry for the late reply, my baby is keeping me pre-occupied.From what I know you do need to take a doctorate degree after 2003 but I am not that certain that it will guarantee you to seat in for fpgee. just to tell you a story one of my co-reviewer she completed a doctorate degree in cebu but when she applied for the fpgee the require her to take up some more subjects here in usa for completion. try browsing at testmagic.com there are a lot experts in there and you can ask questions to those who experience it.good luck

  20. I read your posts for quite a long time and must tell you that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

    1. Thanks Jane! I am so glad I could be of help for those going through the same process. Maybe one of these days I will be doing the toefl too, just some tips cause I know there are still a lot who are having a hard time passing this obstacle.Good luck to everyone!Feel free to drop in a msg and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

  21. Hi Abby, i am planning to take the exam this October. I just would like to clarify some requirements. I already applied for the TOR and diploma from the university i graduated from. Would like to ask if the PRC board certificate and the authenticated photocopy of the PRC license are also included on the requirements?Another thing how do i send the requirements to ECE? By the way i already requested a form for FPGEE application. Is the ECE application form another thing which i need to request also through nabp website?Thank you so much and God bless.

    1. Hi Heart. In the FPGEC FAQ on nabp website it was stated that that PRC license and/or certificate should be submitted to FPGEC while transcript and proof of degree to ECE. For ECE application refer to the last item in FAQ for the website.I have copied and pasted the application process for those who wanted a guide. If you need further info contact NABP or if I can answer your question then just drop a message.Good luck!Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee™ (FPGEC®)Frequently Asked QuestionsPlease see the FPGEC Application Bulletin for complete information on the application process.1. Where do I send my application? 1. New applicants who apply to the FPGEC Certification Program will send Application Form 100 and fees to the FPGEC and an ECE Application Form and fees to ECE. 2. An applicant whose program file has been closed will send a new Application Form 100 and fees to the FPGEC and an ECE Application Form and fees to ECE.2. Where do I send my official documentation?Official documentation includes the transcript, proof of the degree, and proof of the license and/or registration and must be submitted as follows: 1. New applicants who apply to the FPGEC Certification Program will send the transcript and proof of the degree to ECE accompanied by the ECE Application Form. 2. These applicants will send proof of the license and/or registration to the FPGEC. 3. Applicants whose program file has been closed will send the transcript and proof of the degree to ECE accompanied by the ECE Application Form. These applicants will send proof of the license and/or registration to the FPGEC.Please Note:The FPGEC has seen a rise in fraudulent documents. These fraudulent documents come from entities pretending to be official government offices with the right to approve documents. These entities say they can speed the authentication of educational and licensure and/or registration documents for use abroad. Applicants should tell friends and relatives gathering documents for them to make sure that documents are from the issuing bodies only. If the FPGEC receives fraudulent documents, the application will be delayed and your acceptance to the FPGEC Certification Program may be jeopardized.3. Where do I send my additional supporting documentation?Additional supporting documentation may include a marriage certificate, proof of name change, birth certificate, translations, or other documentation supporting the application. These documents must be submitted to the FPGEC. However, please note that ECE may, during the evaluation of the official education documentation, require that applicants send additional supporting documentation to them as well for review.4. What is the fee schedule for submitting fees to NABP for FPGEC Certification?Payments must be made to NABP in the form of a certified check, cashier’s check, or money order, payable in US funds through a US bank. The purchase date of the check or money order must appear on all forms of payment. Personal checks, bank drafts, and cash or other unapproved forms of payment will not be accepted. Your name, as it appears on the application form, should be shown on all payments.For applications postmarked before January 15, 2009: 1. Applicants applying for the first time are required to submit a fee of $700 along with their FPGEC Application Form 100. This fee includes a $200 fee for the evaluation of all documentation and a $500 fee for the examination. 2. Applicants applying for re-examination after failure are required to submit a fee of $500. 3. Applicants applying for re-application after withdrawal or file closure are required to submit $700.For applications postmarked on or after January 15, 2009: 1. Applicants applying for the first time are required to submit a fee of $800 along with their FPGEC Application Form 100. This fee includes a $200 fee for the evaluation of all documentation and a $600 fee for the examination. 2. Applicants applying for re-examination after failure are required to submit a fee of $600. 3. Applicants applying for re-application after withdrawal or file closure are required to submit $800.5. What is the fee schedule for submitting fees to ECE for evaluation?The General Evaluation Report is $85. Payment to ECE must be made in US dollars by money order, check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). If the money order or check is issued by a bank outside of the US, it must contain the printed name of the US bank with which the bank is affiliated. ECE cannot accept bank drafts or cash. All fees are subject to change without notice.6. Where do I send my application package if I am retaking the FPGEE?If you did not obtain a passing FPGEE score in the past and you are applying to retake the FPGEE, you must complete and submit to the FPGEC a new Application Form 100, two identical recent photographs, and the appropriate fees as indicated in FAQ 4 above. Before you will be accepted to retake the FPGEE, your previously submitted documentation will be re-evaluated by the FPGEC. If there is additional documentation required, the FPGEC will notify you in writing.7. How do I contact ECE?You may contact ECE directly at:Educational Credential Evaluators, IncP.O. Box 514070Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470Phone: 414/289-3400Web site: http://www.ece.org/nabpTAKEN FROM THE NABP SITE

  22. hi abby,i hope everythings are running good for you and your family…im planning to take next Octobar exam,and i already start studying since 5 monthes before..if you please tell me..1-i studied the organic chem.only from manan sherof only..is it enough???2- shall i study the chemical structers very well????3- iam using now DUTTA Q&A BOOK FOR REVISION..IS IT TRUSTED BOOK TO USE??4- my level in pharmacology,pharmaceutics and kinitics are very well..is it enough for me to pass the exam???5-what you advise me to do in the next 4 monthes???thank and GOD bless you.

    1. Hi Mariam! For the organic Chem I used additional book cause it has been a while since I took the course. If you are not that confident you can read additional materials. I do not think manan shroff is enough. For the structures, you do not need to memorize everything but know the frequently asked and basic structures like that for penicillins, for barbiturates… the parent ring or structures.I have heard good feedback about Dutta Book but I haven’t seen nor read one. Majority of the test will cover pharmacology,pharmaceutics and kinetics since these are major subjects. But of course there is always no guarantee, and the minor subjects are important as well so be sure to cover those too. The only thing we can do is study hard and hope for the best. The more you read the more chances that you have encountered what they ask.Do not forget to do Math too as these are valuable for pharmacist. In the next 4 months if you have covered everything just keep going back and focusing on your weak points. Good luck and be confident. Study,study,study you won’t regret it 🙂

  23. Hi Abby, I am happy to see your blog. My brother is a Foreign Pharmacy Graduate. He wrote FPGEE in April 14th 2009, unfortunately he failed the exam. He would like totake FPGEE exam again in 2009 october 1. Do you know how many times he can take this exams? please let me know.

  24. Hi Ms. Abby!I just wanted to know if they required you to take any English exams(IELTS, TSE or TOEFL) as a requirement before taking the FPGEE test? And also, are you a B.S. Pharmacy graduate or a pharm d. graduate? I am quite aware that the US doesn’t offer a BS in pharmacy degree anymore. Are they still accepting B.S. Pharmacy Degree foreign graduates to take the exams in order to practice in US? thanks!

    1. Hey Chentot, for your question about the English test, you are not required to take it before the FPGEE. But the TOEFL is a requirement before they can release your Graduate pharmacy intern license, I am speaking for the process you will go about if you plan to reside in CA. I am not so sure if it goes the same for the other state. Just to clarify, you need to pass the FPGEE first then take the TOEFL for you to be able to process your internship license. But if you prefer studying for the TOEFL first, it doesn’t matter but you have to remember that TOEFL has an expiration which is two years so it would be better to take the FPGEE first. Hope this helps.

  25. Hi Abby,I reffered these news from NABP web site,Pls verifiy abt TOEFL expiryFPGEE, TOEFL, and TSE Score Expirations Eliminated8/11/2005The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) is pleased to announce that the NABP Executive Committee has approved the elimination of the two-year time expiration of the Test of English as a Foreign Language™ (TOEFL®), Test of Spoken English™ (TSE®), and Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination® (FPGEE®) scores.Just i shared this Thanks

    1. Thanks Anand for the verification. I’m sure this will be helpful to those who browse this site.“FPGEE, TOEFL, and TSE Score Expirations Eliminated”8/11/2005The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) is pleased to announce that the NABP Executive Committee has approved the elimination of the two-year time expiration of the Test of English as a Foreign Language™ (TOEFL®), Test of Spoken English™ (TSE®), and Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination® (FPGEE®) scores.

  26. Hi Abby, I have a question for you. I want to prepare to FPGEE but i don’t know which books i can use. please tell me which books to buy and which are usefull? thanks

    1. Hi I made a review on the books that I used under the topic Filipino FPGEE takers. Hope that will guide you.Thanks

    2. Sorry I am not aware of any rule like that specially for those who needs some units to complete the requirements for those graduating past 2003.

  27. actually its been awhile but I am the type o person who remembers what was my mistakes and if I remember right I remembered a lot of question, meaning I did get a lot of mistakes. Roughly I will say the ones I know I am wrong based from what I remembered from the questions will be 20-30 and those that i have no clue at all will be like 10-30, and 50/50 will be 30-40.

  28. Hi Miss Abby! Kumusta ka?How are you and your family? I hope that everyone is fine.I’m Phillip. I graduated from UST. Can you please help me regarding the application?I’ve read the NABP FAQs and pdf file and I’m still confused ma’am.I’ve got a certification letter in a sealed and signed envelope from the PRC that says when I got licensed in the PI.Is that all I need to send besides the money and application and passport photos?It was so hard getting that letter from the PRC.Do I send the NABP a copy of my PRC certificate and a copy of my PRC ID card too? If so, do I just have a notary sign off on the copy?Also, on the application, how do I answer question 6 a and 6 b, about was being licensed and being registered in the PI required?I’m here in Georgia, and if I need something else from the PRC other than my letter in a signed and sealed envelope stating that I passed the board exam and was issued my license.Is that what you sent in with your application to the NABP? I’ve read the stuff from them and called them also, but to no avail. Can you please help me, please?Also I graduated in 2002 and passed the PI board exam and got my license in 2003.Salamat Po! Thank you so very much for your time and patience with me.

    1. We are doing well, thank you. Thanks for visiting our site. I presume you have submitted the appropriate documents to ECE, as for the FPGEC you will need the application for completed together with the money,photo, letter from PRC and supporting documents if needed. As for me, I have to submit additional documents because of my maiden name. I am not sure what PRC letter has, but you have to tell them that the purpose of this is for FPGEE. It has been awhile since my application so I do not remember submitting my PRC certificate since what they need is the official letter from PRC. I had somebody take care of the PRC license as well and I made sure that they know that this will be used for FPGEE. I will try to get back at you to be sure.For question #6, I answered NO.Best of luck.

  29. hi abby. its my ultimate dream to qualify for FPGEE. But I graduated April 2003. I remembered mailing nabp 4 months back was inquiring on what options i have to do in order to qualify but they left me disappointed informing that for now there are no options to qualify since i didnt meet up on there requirements. Any informations. Please help. I just wanna know what other options are there for me to qualify. thanx in advance. Godbless

  30. Thank you very much Miss Abby. I appreciate your thoughts.Yes ma’am, I’ve already got the ECE stuff done and ok with that. I got three letters sealed from the PRC, and I opened one to make sure what they wrote.”CertificationTo whom it may concern:This is to certify that Phillip passed the Board Examination for Pharmacy on July 2003 and as such issued with License # 12345, Dated October 2003.This further certifes that as a passer of the Board Exam for Pharmacy, he is eutitled (spelling error) to practise his Profession in the PI.Issued this date.signedChairperson”The letter has a seal (dry seal) on it and the envelopes for the other 2 letters have a signature from a PRC across the seal of the envelope.Hmmmm…I hope that I don’t have troubles because it doesn’t specifically read “FPGEE” or” FPGEC”. My contact told them that it was for the FPGEE at the PRC. Ahhhh….Rechie, what about going back to school and getting a 5 year degree in the PI, or if you’re in the USA, apply for a Pharm. D. program?

    1. jhi phillip, I asked one of our colleagues who posted way back in 08 I think.I am attaching her response.”for the ECE, they need1. application form for the NABP and fee ($85, I think) can be requested online from ECE2. Official transcript (sealed)3. Official proof of degree ( sealed)For NABP1. FPGEC application form (form 100) and fees.2. Official proof of license and/ or registration (sealed)3. Two recent identical photos.I think that’s it. Hope that helps! Take care!God bless!Sheila”Thanks again Sheila.

  31. Hello Abby! and Congrats on passing the Exam!….Well, I’ve tried 3 times now and I failed…this is so frustrating for me…If you could and when you have time, would you please let me know in details which books you studied for each area?…If you think it’s too much, don’t worry about it!….I’m just completely lost now and have no idea on where to start studying for the 4th time now….By the way, I am from Brazil!…cheers!!!Thank you soooo much for reading!

    1. HI Milena!Just hang in there and continue striving. I wish you all the luck and keep hoping and be optimistic that you will succeed this endeavor.This is the link where I mentioned the books that I used besides what you already read in my blog about passing the FPGEE.http://abbyandwin.net/blog/?s=fpgee&submit=GoHope this helps.Thanks for visiting website.

  32. Hi AbbyI am planning to take the exams in April 2010. I haven’t registered as of now i am waiting for the documentation part pls let me know is there any deadline for thatthanks in advance

  33. Hi, Abby, congratulations!Do still remember the name and contact info of the review class there in LA. Im from SF, I was wondering if I could ask them if they have review classes here too, or just take chance of flying there.Merry Christmas and God bless!

  34. hi abbyi read your blog and really give me a hope of life i had experienced very bad experience in exams and i am still sinking with failure which never get off my backplease advise me as a frustrated person is there any possibility that i can pass fpgee exam is it difficult is two months enough for review

  35. Hi I’m so happy for you kakaingit k nman.!!!I’m here in California near san Francisco.I’m planning to take my exam this octber 2010 & I’m also looking for a review center near me so I could review properly & guide me,do u know a review center?I graduated yr. 2000 Baka wla na along alam sa pnagaralan ko.my mom suggest me to go back in PI to review coz my relative told her that there are review centers somewhere in makati Offers Fpgee review.what do you think?

    1. Thats an expensive way to review but if you have the means and you find it more helpful to your study habit. But if you think you are disciplined enough kaya naman kung dito ka na mag aaral. You just really have to be full time in studying. I am as nervous as you are since I am almost done with my internship so NAPLEX is the next step for me. Unlike before that I could just go and study in the library now I have a baby to take care to. I cans stay up to 12 hours in the library but now hopefully I can do 8 per day. Just set your time and stick with your goals, pero if you are more comfortable na meron kasabay alam ko marami na nag o offer sa atin kasi marami kami nakasbay sa FPGEE in 2007 group sila from 1 review center. I happen to know one who really did well in the test, kaya lang he has to go back in Phi kasi it takes time to be sponsored eh he came here on a tourist visa.Anyways just keep praying, study wisely and well. Good luck to all of us !

  36. Hello Abby, I would like to get some information about applying for the position of an Intern Pharmacist. Please advice me if you know of any positions in the state of Illinois.Thank you

    1. Hi. What specific information do you want to know? I am from CA so I am not sure regarding positions in your area, I hope someone from your area will be able to visit our site and help you.Thanks for visiting our site.

  37. Hi, Abby! Congratulations for passing the FPGEE! I’ll be sitting for the exam on September 30 but haven’t started with the application process yet. Please pray for me and wish me luck. I’ll be dropping by again to ask some things. Thanks for this wonderful blog! 🙂

  38. Hi Abby,Just a quick question, if a foreign graduate didnt do a 5-year course, what additional requirements does he/she needs to do to meet the FPGEE requirements?

  39. hi abby im planning to take the exam next year i think im gonna start with CPRbut i need ur helppls tell me the specific chapters to read and dont tell me to review nabp site 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting our site, I do not know what specific chapters to read since I read everything. I didn’t memorize everything but I made sure I have an idea on each different topics. No test takers will know the specific chapters that they will ask but what we we can do is focus on certain important ones as cited in the NABP outline and read through the rest topics. I always ask readers to go back to NABP website just because they may have changes since I took I the test more than 3 yrs ago. Good luck.


  41. hi ,abby i have orderd morris coddy review course for fpgee . do u think it will b enough for fpgee preparation.

    1. Hi I really do not have that information regarding Morris Cody nor I had known anybody who took the course. All I heard is hearsay that it is good but enough??? I really do not know. As far as I know CPR worked for me.

  42. HI Abbi,I took the Fpgee last April and I am feel very similar as you were when you took your test. I kept praying all this proccess. At the begining i asked to God to help me to pass the test w a score of 137 aproximaly, but after i took the test i just remember my mistake, now i am waiting for my score and i just ask to God to give me 75.I am still praying waiting for it.Thanks a lot to share your experience w me,Gad bless you and Good luckSuny

    1. Its always like that now that I will be taking NAPLEX I want to set my goal high but I am really struggling right now to think there is a lot more to study for the FPGEE. Keeping my faith and hopes up or else I am gonna go nuts here.Thanks and best of luck to all test takers of FPGEE and NAPLEX.Stay optimistic 🙂 I should tell that to myself :)))))

  43. I will be taking FPGEE exam in Nov; could you please provide me some helpful tools?Any book to recomend?Thanks!

  44. Hi,iam from pakistan.Nabp has sent me my identification card for september 30 exam.I want to ask what kind of visa is needed for giving fpgec exam?is it study visa or visit visa?

    1. I am not quite sure what they use to get here and take the test but the student visa I know is for those who will be studying here.

  45. hi abby congratualtions on passing the FPGEE my exam is on 30/9 and i wanna ask you if CPR is enough to pass the exam

    1. Thanks, I did a review on all the books that I used for the FPGEE. IMO, CPR is not enough. It will cover most of it but yo still have to learn some basic knowledge from chemistry, immunology, pharmaeconomics which the CPR is not extensive enough.

  46. hi abbi,your blog is very inspiring. I am currently doing my pre registration year in the uk and a british citizen but looking to relocate to the states. i did a 4 year mPharm course but from the NABP website, its requiring for 5 years. Were you in the same position? how did you overcome it? And also what kind of visa did you use to do your internship? Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks, I was a graduate before 2003 so I did not need a 5 yr curriculum and I was petitioned by my husband so I was able to work with an immigrant visa. I am not familiar with the curriculum in UK but those from PHI were required to take some more subjects for completion but it was case to case basis from what I heard. Sorry but my experience was not that much help with regards to your question. I hope somebody will get back to you who had gone through the same path you are taking. Best of luck.

    2. hi mariam,Do you know an agency or review center for fpgee here in UK? or any fpgee practice books that i can buy here. I graduated pharmacy outside UK and doing pharmacy volunteering in midlands uk. many thanks. edita

  47. Hi Abby,Your blog is very useful. I am planning to take the FPGEE. Do you think if I study from CPR together with Manan Shroff management book is enough for the exam? CPR is good but its very long and there are some topics like anatomy and physiology not covered in it.Thanks alot for your support

    1. Thanks Noha, CPR and Shroff are good enough but you would have to answer mostly from those reference correctly otherwise other resources(physiology,anatomy, statistics, etc) no matter how small the point is counts. Sayang di ba kung meron ka ma miss na mabilis lang i analyze. Like for instance what hormones comes from anterior and posterior pituitary? this type of question di na kailangan ng malalim na pag analyze compared to patient profile di ba, analyze muna bago ka maka answer kaya sayang if you would miss those question na madali sagutan. You don’t need to know everything in detail naman, just the must knows. Good luck.

  48. hi abby r still residing n LA? am a Filipino presently residing hr n SHV, LA…wanna know what books/reviewr to buy or wr can I get it at a lesser price..do you have any idea if it’s ok if an H4 visa (dependent from H1B) visa is allowed to take?tnx..

    1. Hi Mari I m not familiar with the eligibility of visa, in terms of the books I used I made an detailed review of what I used from FPGEE, NAPLEX and CPJE. Please do a search in our website. Thanks

      1. Mari, anyone could take the FPGEE regardless of the type of visa you have as long as you are qualified to take the exam. Visit NABP website and read the updated bulletin re FPGEE 🙂

  49. Hi again Abby,I am so sorry but I dont understand what you wrote. Do you mind answering my questions again in English?Thank you

    1. What I am trying to say is even if physiology and anatomy has very few items in the total exam you have to consider that every point counts. The type of question from these topics are quite direct and not need to be analyzed in depth compared to profile questions in which you have to study the patient profile to be able to answer the question correctly. It doesn’t hurt to browse to the basic topics although it would take some more time from the major subjects but don’t take the risk. Good luck. Sorry if I answered in Tagalog I thought you were Pinoy.

  50. Hi Abby,I started studying for my FPGEE, but there are alot of equations especially the pharmacokinetic ones. Do I have to memorize them for the exam?Thank you

  51. Hi Abby!I am writing on behalf of my husband. He is intending to sit for the FPGEE soon. However, we are getting frustrated with the whole process since he has been trying to apply since 2006. Medyo pinahirapan sya ng FPGEC sa dami ng hinihingi. Nung una, kung wla kang lisensya sa PI they required a certification that you will be allowed to practice Pharmacy in PI should you have a license. We got that and submitted it to them. Then bigla nlng binago yung requirement na kailangan may lisensya na bago mag-apply. He got his license in PI for that. You can just imagine how much emotional torture this gave him but I supported him all the way.Right now we are waiting for the certified photocopies of his license and registration from the PRC in a sealed envelope. Will this be enough or kailangan pa po ba na may red ribbon? Naaawa na ako sa asawa ko, he has invested a lot of time and effort in this. Andito sa amin ang original but ang alam ko kailangan naka-seal yung docs kaya nag-request kmi ng certified copies. Ayoko ko lang po na ma-disappoint sya uli. Hope you can shed some light on this. Thank you very much.

    1. Sorry to hear what your husband went through. If I remember right, I submitted the certified copy myself. Kumuha ako ng sealed copy from PRC then brought it here in USA with me then submitted it to ECE. Pero all of my other collegues directly PRC daw yung nag mail for them so PRC ang nag submit sa ECE. Yun ang sabi nila pero lahat naman kami did not have problems with it. I think what you have form PRC is enough di na kailangan yung red ribbon pero I did get one myself din pero di naman hiningi. Kasi nga hard to take care of it pag andito ka sa USA tapos andun sa PI yung mga documents na kailangan thats why I just brought everything na pwede nilang hingiin. Lets hope for the best for your husband.

      1. Yung transcript nya sa ECE namin sinubmit pero ok na yun. Yung sa PRC nlng yung hinihintay namin para ipasa sa NABP. Alam nyo po ba if they count Pharmacy Technician experience towards internship hours? Thank you in advance.

        1. Hi Miss Mari! pued po kayo ang magpasa sa NABP nun mga documents from PRC bsta ipalagay nyo lang sa envelope and ipaseal sa knila. ibigay nyo lang sa knila yung address ng NABP yung PRC na yun magtype po nun. I’m a 2004 Pharm grad kaya ng PharmD po ako so i could take the exam. And thankfuly. with God’s blessing, I was able to pass the April 2011 exam 🙂 Goodluck po sa husband nyo!

          1. Thanks Mishka for sharing, this has been always a question for me…please share how you were able to sit in for the test considering you were a graduate after 2003, let our fellow kabayans know the steps you took to be able to be eligible for the test.Congratulations 🙂 Best of luck, hope you keep us updated.

          2. thanks for your input. hopefully maging ok na. nakaka-stress talaga. sana malapit lang yung pilipinas para di syado mahirap ano? share mo naman yung experience mo sa fpgee mishka kasi fresh pa. congrats!

  52. For those Filipino BS pharm grad after 2003 who only took a 4 year course could now sit in FPGEE if you could be able to finish a Doctor of Pharmacy post baccalaureate course (CEU Makati is the only school offering it as of now).

  53. It was difficult for us because of the technical glitch we experienced. The exam was almost 3 hours delayed and so me and my friends were drained na even before the exam actually started. Hmmm, the exam was simple, not complicated at all, but the thing was, we haven’t encountered those questions before (di tlaga siya napagaralan sa school or even sa review center). Mostly, the questions are from pharmacoeconomics and management, a few p.chem questions and about 3-6 calculations. Me and my friends we’re lucky enough that the Lord heed our prayers to pass the exam 😀

  54. Hi Ate Abby! Eto na naman ako. Nakapag-submit na kmi ng application for FPGEE tapos PRC na nagpadala directly ng certified copies. Now the hard part is waiting. Di ko na matandaan kung gaano ba katagal mag-respond ang FPGEC. I am a bit confused kasi when we called NABP the representative said that all documents are placed in a holding area and that wala naman daw tao na in-charge doon. Medyo napa-paranoid ako kasi sa dami ba naman ng applicants baka di nila mahanap. Yung mga kasama nyo po ba na PRC na nagpadala may identifier silang pinalagay sa envelope? Yung sa amin yata wala. Tracking number lang ng DHL yung meron kami. We already emailed NABP informing them of the situation and they replied that they could not give information regarding my husband’s file. Kinakabahan na ako and to be honest, this is the most stressful thing I have ever encountered. To think hindi naman ako ang mag-eexam.

    1. I know it takes it awhile, kasi ako nga binitbit ko yung PRC documents I had it sealed and signed tapos ako na nag mail dito, pero alam ko lahat ng kasabay ko they did it through the usual process like what you did. From the time approximately it got here( your documents) in USA, has it been a month? if not then no need to worry kasi usually there is a time table I think napansin ko lang with the different agencies here in America usually you would here something about your case in a months time. Kung talagang matagal na more than 8 weeks then you should really try hard to get in touch with them. Best of luck.

    2. Hi MC! did you send your application from the Philippines? and ask ko lang paano po kayo nagbayad? I mean wala po kasi ako makitang nagiissue ng money order or certified check mula sa PI.. Yung sa western union, sabi po sa urch forum, hindi daw accepted since wala daw nakalagay na name ng applicant, etc.. hope someone could also help me about my situation. Thanks! 🙂

  55. Nice blog I have a question about sa photograph na ipapass pwde ba ung passport picture taken from walgreens or walmart? sabi kc sa bulletin dapat di digital e halos lahat nowadays digital picture na e.What kind of picture ba ang send niu? thanks

  56. Hi. I’m planning to take the FPGEE this september but I dont have any idea of what books i should use. Meron pa po ba kayong alam where i could buy kahit 2nd hand lang? Thanks!

    1. I did a detailed review of the books I used from FPGEE< TOEFL and NAPLEX, whether it is obsolete or not I am not sure but it was pretty helpful for me at that time. try amazon.com you can find 2nd hand books there.

      1. Hi Abby, there are a lot of detailed FPGEE, TOEFL & NAPLEX books out there, do you mind telling us the author and title of each book? Big thaannks and congrats!

        1. I did a thorough review of the books with authors in our website you just have to search for my blog. From FPGEE all the way to CPJE. Hope that will help

  57. Hi Abby…kumusta na po kayo… I tried my first attempt on FPGEE last June 2007, but I didn’t make it…kulang ako sa review because when the time my registration to take the exam was approved,I was busy applying for a visa. So glad you made it through self study. Well my concern is, ok pa po ba ang mga International Pharmacy Graduates mag apply sa US?..kasi I want to take another try, either US or Canada. I just want to know how is it going there in the US basically for IPG who are still planning to take. NAg a-accept pa po ba sila nga mga foreign pharmacists? Cause se-seryousohin ko na po talaga itong 2nd try despite of my hectic schedules with work and kids.

    1. It is quite rough right now with the economic situation of USA. Medyo nag higpit sill accepting and sponsoring foreign grads. I have been thru a couple of job interviews, the relocation and some other allowances were not as good before the economic breakdown some few years back. Even some of my friends are telling me the big chains are hardly doing the sponsorship cause they are expecting a surge of the local pharmacy graduates whom does not require sponsorship. This are base from what I see and what I have heard from friends and my boss so it is upon your decision if you are willing to take that risk. Syempre if you are lucky enough you may be able to find one that will sponsor you medyo mahirap pero meron pa run slim chance of getting it. I don’t want to discourage but at the same time I do not want to give false hopes as well kasi alam ko medyo magastos and matagal ang process so I am giving you a scenario of whats going on here in CA right now. I am not sure sa bang states how badly they still needed pharmacist kasi ditto medyo madami ata kami looking for jobs.Good luck.

  58. Hi, Iam thinking about taking the FPGEE, just wanted to ask few questions1-should all the transcripts sent be in a sealed envelope and the diploma too?2- Does a higher score means higher chance of finding ineternship?3-I have a B2 visa can i take the exam while going to usa on it?4- how easy is to find internship and get an H1b visa (i am currently not in USA)?5- are there a reasonable chance of getting employed after getting liscence?Thank you very much for your kind help (please answer in english)

  59. hi abby,To be honest with you, ngayon lang ako nakakita ng blog na encouraging! kasi most of what i have read, matatakot ka nang mag try kasi scary yung mga kwento nila about FPGEE. I’m presently residing here in PA. Could it be much easier to attend review class since i haven’t been practicing my profession for almost 10 years?Can you suggest any? And when you apply for FPGEC certification, were you here in US or in the Phils. Thank you very much and more power, God bless!!

    1. Hi there, I applied here in USA, I have been a graduate of pharma for 9 years when I studied for the FPGEE. I know its hard to change your schedule and make time for studying specially if your starting a family as well. They say Morris Cody is good but as I say in my blogs its person to person basis kasi some would prefer independent study as oppose to attending classes. The CPR is really helpful but it assumes that you know the basics already. Kaya dapat you have the basic books on the side like organic chem, anatomy, physiology,etc….it wouldn’t go to in depth kasi nga review na dapat ‘to. I did attend a class in LA every Sat which is about less than 10 classes but for most part I was on my own studying. If you can find a study group then it is helpful but studying alone is not that bad at all, you just have to keep pushing yourself to study more and meet your everyday study goals. Thanks and God bless too.

      1. Hi Abby, do you still have the info of the LA class you took? Looking for a refresher or review-like center here for the looongest time…just not lucky to find one. I’ve been googling but nothing’s pulling up. Thaaanks 🙂

        1. I am not sure if Tito Manny still does it, its close to Kaiser Vermont sunset in LA, he owns a store Farmacia San Jose. Don’t have any contact info besides that. Sorry

  60. Hello there I found this very helpful but I’m in desperate desperate need of your help I’m very frustrated can u please list me all the books I need to buy or study from I will be forever grateful please please please

    1. If u make a search in our website about fpgee or naplex, u will find entries of my blogs including the books that I used for these tests including toefl. I gave a detailed reviews about it. Thanks for visiting our site and good luck.

  61. Hi Abby,I searched your blog but I couldn’t find the books you used for NAPLEX. Are they the same books that you used for FPGEE? Also, I heard that it is hard nowadays to get an internship, is that true?

  62. Your blog is quite informative , no offence but for people who donot know ur language they cannot understand, i would appreciate if you guys can share with people like me who donot know your language.CONGRATS & THANKYOU

    1. None taken, but most of the stuff that we usually use our language are matters regarding the process that relates to our home country system whether it is school related, or documents needed from government agencies. You are free to ask question. Thanks for bringing this is up and I wish you the best.

  63. Hi Abby,I am supposed to take my NAPLEX after three weeks. I took the Pre-Naplex today and I got a very bad score (78). I am really depressed and worried because I thought I did well. I read alot of reviews about other pre-naplex scores, some say its accurate and others don’t. I amn’t sure what to do now.I will take the other pre-naplex after a few days. I studied from Apha and did prontopass math. For questions, I got lange and manan shroff. Can you please advice me on what to do?Thank you very much

    1. Hi Noha, I think I scored mid 80’s when I did my pre-NAPLEX. I was hoping to get higher so as to make me more confident but I think you should make this a challenge so that you will do even better in the actual test. Make the test a guide so you know in which area you need to focus more on, it is very important to have confidence and be optimistic on the day of the test. Good luck to you, just study more and in the end the important thing is not a high score, which they do not look at when you pass a resume, but the license number that proves you pass your test. Let us know your experience after your NAPLEX. Thanks

  64. Hi abby!I’m planning to take the FPGEE and I’m a bit confused with the requirements. I’m also asking the help of anyone reading your blog to please reply if you applied recently. I’m from the Philippines and graduated year 1998. It says https://www.ece.org/main/conte… that Both ECE and NABP require a complete set of documents, so we recommend that you request at least two official sets of original documents. When I requested NABP to send me an application form. Enclosed are the instruction:Please send the ff items to ECE1. ECE application form for NABP and appropriate fees2. Official transcript3. Official proof of degreePlease send the ff items to FPGEC at NABP1. FPGEC application form for examination and certification (Form 100 ) and appropriate fees2. Official proof of license and/or registration3. 2 identical photographs4. Properly certified photocopy of a current state of gov’t. issued photo id such as passport or driver’s license.My question is how many sets should I send to ECE? 1 or 2?What does it mean that it needs the official proof of license and/or registration? Authenticated copy? certified copy? from prc or the original(which I think you can only request if lost or damaged)?Thank you so much.

  65. Hello Abby, Is it hard to work as a Pharmacist here in the US? I’m still undecided if want to be a Pharmacist here or magstudy ako ng Nursing sa Phils. Is it hard to get a job here as Pharmacist? Graduate ako 1996 sa Phils. Can you give me a good advice. thank you : )

    1. Hi there, I think any occupation right now is tough whether nursing or pharmacy related areas. There are jobs out there in different states if your not picky, but this means that you have to be certified in that state too. Honestly it is hard to decide for myself as well, cause up until now I still have the inclination to take the test for MD. Sorry if I am not of that much help but you just have to take risk and ask God for guidance, right now I am keeping my fingers crossed and trust God has wonderful things planned for me. Best of luck with whatever you choose.

  66. Hi Abby, Nice Blog. I’m from Fontana, I wanna take the exam but I don’t know were to start lalo na i have a baby. Any advise pls. Thanks!

    1. Hi Liezl, as I mentioned in my blog, I suggest you should start off with what you think needs to be prioritize. Start with your weakness whichever subject that needs more of your time cause as the time of the exam approaches it is easier to go back to the subject matters that you are familiar with. Good luck, I know it is tough but with Gods grace nothing is impossible di ba? good luck!

  67. Hi ms. abby! i was browsing through the net about fpgee and i saw your blog! it was very informative and im glad to know that you also graduated pharmD from ceu makati!:) i just graduated last march. kaya eto nagpprepare na po ako magtake ng fpgee.. i hope we could get in touch kahit po sa email.. nakakatuwa lang po kasi pharmD din kayo! thank you po! 🙂

  68. Hi I took fpgee and I got 70 percent I’m very disappointed..plz tell me what should I do to pass the exam any book??

  69. HiI’m new in New York and I want to attempt FPGEE. I want to take regular classes where I can go daily and study with any teacher. please let me know any institute or academy best for it.thanks.

  70. hi! in the past 4 years i was not lucky enough to pass the FPGEE for 4 times also. i received a letter from NABP that effective jan. 2012 , a notice that effective this year FPGEE examinees are only given 5 chances to pass the exam. as for my case i was given 3 years to take my final one. i only review after work and weekends which was not effective. kindly give me some advice. thank you.

    1. i don’t know how you’re situated but here’s what she went through. during the time abby reviewed, she didn’t work. she went to work with me and occupied the empty cubicles and studied all day – or she would go to the library and i would pick her up after work. during the weekends, i would go with her to LA where reviews are held at a pharmacy. so a lot of sacrifice during the process. i had to support her in anyway i can. i hope you can dedicate more time for your last attempt. good luck

  71. Hi Ms. Abby! Do you happen to know how I can send fees to FPGEE and ECE from Philippines? Im aware that they only accept money order and certified cheques. unfortunately, all the banks in the PI that I’ve asked they’re just giving bank drafts (which is not accepted in ece and nabp). Would you happen to know how I can pay the fees? or do you know someone with the same situation? Thanks! 🙂

  72. hi abby,josie here . i had bspharmacy as my pre-med course. tulad mo, i am a doctor too. pedia namn ako, actively practicing pero circumstances dictate na i take pharmacy in the US. nabili ko na ung Shargel pero mukhang di covered ung ibang subjects nga . you mentioned SHroff…advisable pa siya?thank you ha….ganung katagal ba estimated to study?

    1. Welcome to my world! DI naman ganun katagal. It all depends on you, if you can recollect all that you learned from school easily then you can do it in shorter amount of time. The stuff I mentioned are all suggestions pero I know maraming pwedeng gamitin, shroff has some stuff that shargel doesn’t touch on. Then that means in a way, their combination makes you cover most of the scope. Good luck.

    2. Hi Josie.. 🙂 I took the FPGEE on Nov 9 2012. I passed sa awa ng Diyos. 🙂 Doctor din ako sa atin. Sobrang basic ng exams kasi clinical na din lang alam ko. Like anung diff ng purine sa pyrimidine.. nagbigay din ng madaming chemical structures na i-identify anu dun ang selective. Ginamit ko Shargel, that’s enough I think. Dont skip any chapter especially about their pharmacy system nila. Since magaling ka na sa clinicals, wag mo na basahin. Madali ang clinicals, like direct to the point. What is the enzyme involve for pain? ganun lang kadali. Yung basic ang muntik ako hinimatay :DAndito ka ba sa US? Mahirap pumasok dito ha. Kumbaga dasal at swerte. Nagwork muna ako as Tech dito. Pagnakaestablish ka na ng employment mo, apply ka as Pharmacist Extended Intern sa kanila. Baka pwede ka iabsorb if you do not need visa sponsorship. Ako kasi immigrant. PERO if need mo sponsorship.. mag USMLE ka na lang. Mas mabilis ang process kasi walang 1500 internship hours and mas madaming opportunity and sponsorship. Pharmacy you need to pass FPGEE (800USD), then TOEFL (180USD), then NAPLEX (480 USD)then MPJE (200USD).. ang USMLE, 3 steps (est. 2300 USD) ok na derechong residency. Pharmacy mahirap kasi andaming graduates ngayon ng US. Im taking my USMLE this March 2012.Sabihan mo nlang ako if need mo prefpgee, meron ako.

      1. hi ela im planning to take fpgee next year siguro by november, i graduated year 2002 im still here in the Phils. i just want to ask you if you can share your prefpgee. Kasi i failed twice na so medyo kinakabahan ako ngayon dahil last take ko 2008 pa, can you please help me. Thank you very much!

  73. Hi Ms. Abby =)I’m graduating soon at UST [4 year BS Pharma]I have an immigrant visa in the US. But I’m here in the Phils to finish my studies. Right now i’m still quite confused on what to do after graduation. I’m thinking of taking pharmD at CEU and then take the FPGEE. I also researched on taking pharmD in California but i think its too expensive..I just want to know if it is still hard to apply for internship in California? And i also heard that its hard to apply for work in California. Is it true?

  74. hi abby,while searching about fpgee exam i saw your blog.it is very informative and felt happy by seeing this blog…i wanna want to write this exam on september.dont know how to start the exam.?is what the nabp given the syllabus is enough to prepare or else we have to prepare more than that.can you please suggest me?

    1. The syllabus is your main guide and if you are able to touch on each topic, then I think you are ready for the test.

  75. hey abby,thanks for your suggestion,just now bought comprehensive pharmacy review 7th edition by leon shargel and alan.h.mutnick..is that sufficient…hope i will reach my goal to pass the exam.i am really say big thanks to you by sharing your blog…thank you so much…if i had any doubts i just give message plzz reply

    1. I think I made a review on the books that I studied for the test. I reviewed several books that I used just so I will be prepared and it did helped a lot. I don’t think Shargel is enough unless you still are familiar with the other topics on the syllabus by heart. Best of luck.

  76. hi Abby thanks for you suggestions. I found this blog when i was searching about fpgee. I am going to take this September. this is my last chance. I am very tense because this is last opportunity. I am weak in basic biomedical sciences and pharmaceutical science. these two section always i got low score. what do you suggest me.

  77. Hi Abby, I am presently studying pharmD in India. I would like to appear for FPGEE in the future. You said that you learnt from CPR. Did you learn all the chapters? Should we know the doses of all the drugs? What was your way of going through CPR? Are we expected to write TOEFL before or after FPGEE? How much is the manan shroff set of books? I know I have a lot of questions. Could you please help me?

  78. hi abby… ano yung pharmacy education documentation na required i-submit for the fpgee? official transcript is TOR, right? then official proof of degree is diploma? im just wondering what the pharmacy education documentation would be? thanks.. and congrats!

    1. ahaha silly me.. pharmacy education documentation is the official proof of degree and official transcript.. nevermind.. 😉

  79. hi abby… for the proof of license and/or registration, is it ok to just submit a certified copy of my license from PRC without the authenticated board certificate? thanks

  80. Hi Abby ,how are you I am pretty sure your are doing well ,you did a great job and shared your experience .i have a plan to take the exam October 2014.I read one about apha and now I started CPR .my pharmacology is week so what should I focus on them…I just red the books but even not a single word I remember.please can you help me what should I do?Thanks mrs Usman

    1. Hi Bushra, I’m Mohamed I planing to take FPGEE, I don’t know from where I have to start. Can I connect with you to get some idea about the FPGEE and the required docs ? This is my Email : dugloof@yahoo.comgood luck for ur exam

  81. Hi Abby! Have you heard of CPR 7th edition by Iffu? Do you think it would be helpful? I am planning to take the FPGEE this year. Your blog is great and I’m thankful to learn some details. Are the review centers only available in LA? Do they have somewhere in San francisco? Thanks and all the best!

  82. Hi Abby , i just took FPGEE and just now i read your experience. I feel like I wrote this story you wrote, not everything the same but very similar. I’m now waiting for the results and i feel the same as you after the exam , i found the test not very easy and I’m identifying my mistakes, but still I’m hoping i’m going to pass , and if i do honestly it’s going to be all because of God ! I just wanted to share with you that your story really touched me and is giving me even more hope! Thanks for sharing ❤️

  83. Hi Abby!
    I just came across your post (more than 10 years later <3).
    Thank you for sharing your experience and congratulations!
    Your story is very inspiring.


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