Podcast Plans

I’ve been using Youtube to post various video content for several years now. Although I enjoy doing it, I just can’t find enough time to produce content. In the past, I have attempted numerous times to create audio podcast content. I do one or two and never go back to it for a while. I’m planning to try again with the hopes of sticking to the platform.

The plan is to have the podcast be supplementary to this blog. I’d like to do a weekly episode. If content and time allows it, I may do more than once a week. Many of the content I follow on the internet unfortunately uses platform that is not compatible with the iOS environment. For instance, I subscribe to many Youtube shows. I wish there was a way to download episodes for offline viewing just like how podcasts in iTunes have that capability. The reason for offline viewing is to conserve my bandwidth because of the bandwidth caps that service providers place on their customers.

The podcast will primarily be in audio format. I may have some video as well. I will try to integrate it with iTunes so that fellow iOS users won’t be left out. I will also create RSS feeds so that other platforms will be able to get automation enabled.

Like this blog, it exist for fun and it’s a way for me to share. If you have ideas or would like to join me, that would be great. I’d like to build a community of liked interests. Please stay tuned for future episodes. I’d love to get some feedback as well. I hope to get some episodes done during the next few weeks.

Let’s podcast!

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