Into the Consuls office for review

Finally after the embassy has requested from the NSO in the last week of February, they received whatever the USE requested to validate our marriage. My husband is informed that they got the letter yesterday and is now into the consuls office to review our case. Well I hope everything will go well and that they will deliver our visa as soon as possible. Sherwin got a letter from his superior telling him their approval of his extended leave till the end of May. We will try to call the embassy again before the week ends for any update. It’s good enough to know that our case is being taken care of and that its moving closer hopefully to the approval and visa release. Its now hard and expensive to get a ticket to fly back with my husband to america since it is peak season already. He may not be able to use his free mabuhay mileage since the next free flight will be on May 15. We plan to leave as soon as we get my visa since my husband has to take care of important things at work. We just have to wait for the visa to reschedule our PAL flights. We have faith that God will make things happen for us in a way that will be best for both of us.

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