Mr. Shapiro keeps calling me

For the past 2 weeks or so we kept getting phone calls from a Mr. Shapiro. At first we thought it was a legit call from someone but he kept saying things like, “this message is for the adult of the house, this is not a sales call, it is regarding an urgent matter…” stuff like that. Those right there were giveaways that it’s a scam. Why can’t they say what it is regarding and if it involves someone in the house, why can’t they say the person’s name? Well I googled and I found a site that had other people getting the same calls too –

There was another call we received with a different name but the format was the same. They left the same message in the answering machine. I guess there are people out there falling for these scams which is why people do it. So be careful of who you call back, it may be scam.

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