My MBP now has 2GB of ram

My memory finally arrived yesterday. I had to swap out the slots where the original memory is installed because it didn’t start up properly. After a tense couple of minutes, my MBP booted up properly. I ran XBench before the upgrade and got a score of 79.71. After the upgrade, my score went up 85.22. So after a $50 upgrade, my laptop’s performance score went up 5.51. Not bad, but I think my hard drive is what’s killing my score. I’m not gonna upgrade that since the price will outweigh my benefits. I played World of Warcraft, chatted, ran iTunes, browse the internet – like I normally do – and notice better performance. My FPS while playing also increased by 8.

Before upgrade:before system profiler

After upgrade:after system profiler

I was trying to upload the XBench scores but for some reason the app can’t connect to the site. I’ll try later and update this post with the links.

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