Thank God our visa is here!

After exactly three weeks our wait is over, we were suppose to go to Laguna today our province but I am not feeling well so we stayed home. Sherwin tried calling the embassy today but nobody is answering. So what we did is check the delbros(courier) website, it still says no data found. Thank God our prayers has been answered. At 3pm in the afternoon my sister-in-law came knocking at our room telling us that messenger has a visa delivery for me. My husband was downstairs in a flash while I was still wondering why delbros didnt message us since the usual procedure is notification that the visa will be out for delivery. I was thinking negatively as I went down and that didnt changed until I opened the package and saw my passport with immigrant visa on it…….Yahoo! We are so overjoyed to see that our prayers has been granted, we went to hear mass in the afternoon at Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine. The next thing to do now is confirm and get our ticket for our flight via PAL this April. And I still have 3 weeks to plan for our church wedding next year;)

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