Library changes

I haven’t been to my local library in many years, in fact I think the last time I went to one was back in high school. They have embraced technology and is now more convenient to use their services. They have added and are using updated computers. Also, you can now use 1 library card for multiple libraries within the same county. For example, with one library card, you can access services from all of the libraries in San Bernardino county. You may transfer books from other locations for a small fee. I may be wrong on these services not existing before but at any rate they exist now and I’m happy they are. I had to get a new card since they don’t have my record from before. I will probably be using my card more often now. I even got a card for the 2 libraries near work. You can also go on their websites and login to your account. Your username is your library card and the password is the last 4 of your phone number. This may be different for your library but as far as San Bernardino county andDowney/Santa Fe Springs, California, they apply.

I encourage you to check out your local library. I’m impressed at what they have done. And membership is free!

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