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As I was surfing the net and while watching a psychic episode of monk, i got interested and searched about tarot reading. I came across newagestore.com. Here is some interesting things i found out about my date of birth and name as well as my husbands. A look into the future of what lies ahead. 🙂
Your Tarot Card based on bith date…

Ten of Cups
This card shows a cup, held in a man’s hand, and joined by a woman’s hand, as they appear to be about to sip together from the liquid in the cup, as if sharing in a celebration of some wonderful event. There is a rainbow in the background and several tall, green trees, some shrubs, beside a river and with mountains in the far distance. The sky is blue and the day looks warm as in Springtime. There are 9 cups across the sky in front of the rainbow. This card symbolises great happiness and contentment. Two people are brought together in unison and peace to share a special time in their lives. A joint project has obviously reached fruition and they are proud of their achievements and wish to celebrate in grand style. If you draw this card you may rest assured, that even though it took a long time to get where you are, it has all been worth the effort and the energy expended. You can relax in your new found comfort zone and pursue your other objectives with peace of mind, knowing that your life is now more secure than it has ever been.

This is my names reading. quite true that i will be moving since this is what happened to me, unexpectedly. as they say all these readings are just guide and we should not let it rule ourlives. But its nice corelating it anyway with things happening whether in the past or future:)

Your Tarot Card…

Two of Wands
This card shows a man with part of his back to us and he is holding a staff in one hand and a globe of the world in the other and is looking out towards a distant mountain. He appears to be studious and in deep concentration. He may be seriously considering his future. He is tall and well built and wears a helmet for protection and a cloak for warmth. This can suggest that you are about to consider a new move in your life that will make big changes to your existing living arrangements. You may actually uproot yourself and move to another country, another state or another town. Your job is obviously undergoing some kind of transformation and you may be breaking new ground with some new endeavour. This will require your time, your patience and your strong belief in yourself that you can do anything you set out to do. You could be presented with a rather unique opportunity that leads you on to pursue your wildest dreams. Or you may have developed your own vision or idea and be in the process of bringing this all to fruition by your very own hands. Don’t let others sidetrack you at this stage, for you are vulnerable to suggestion and may listen to some bad advice or discouragement. Trust in your own wisdom and you will ultimately have the last laugh.

And this is my husbands reading…

For his date of birth
Queen of Cups
The picture on this card shows a beautiful woman, dressed in a gown that could be a wedding dress. This is holding a cup between her hands as if she has just been given this by someone in front of her. She has lovely blonde hair that is braided and she wears pearl earrings and some pearls around her hair. She wears an elaborate head dressing and there is a large fan in the background. She is stood beside the ocean. If this is you, then you may be about to get married or even have your first child. You are sensitive and caring and very family orientated. You are immaculately well groomed and have great pride in your appearance. You could be about to achieve a position that is very dear to your heart. If this is not you, then someone you know already, or whom you are about to meet, who is described by this card is about to enter your life and make a huge impact on your lifestyle.
and base on his name this is his card…*

Nine of Wands
Nine of Wands. This card has a picture a robust bearded man with a helmet on, carrying a wand over his shoulder and another 8 wands are upright beside him. This is a time of waiting, of being patient while the crop ripens or the project matures. We need to understand that stability arises out of wisdom and patience. Haste and immaturity do not assist our plans at a time like this. We need to develop the sense of endurance and being in it for the long haul. We must persevere and be able to see that nothing of value or no-one of merit arrives prior to the right time. If we can maintain our steadfastness during the period before fruition, then the harvest will reap a healthy profit. It may be time to do things that represent protection, such as battening down the hatches, fixing the fences or the gate or door and ensuring that all is safe within the home. Perhaps we need some other financial protection such as a nest egg, a new savings project or even some insurance of some kind, whether personal or for our belongings. Trust in the old saying that ‘all comes to those who wait’.

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