T-Mobile Wing review, not a happy camper

I gave it a chance and was excited at first, but after a week I was totally disappointed with the T-Mobile Wing akaHTC P4350. I’ll share my likes and dislikes.


  • Customizable: It’s very easy to customize the Wing. All you have to do edit a couple of registry entries.
  • Freeware: The last time I used a PPC was an iPaq about 5 years ago. Back then many of the softwares were shareware. I’m glad to find more freeware this time around.
  • Memory card support
  • Battery is easily replaceable
  • Wifi: Supports WEP and WPA
  • Internet sharing


  • Performance: Many of my dislikes are related to this. The device runs slow. From reading around the net, it’s due to the use of an old processor on a new phone.
    • Checking the memory my free Rom averaged between 8-14MB. Usually it’s at 14-15MB with nothing running according to the Task Manager.
    • Double tapping of the screen or buttons will occur. Because the device lags I tend to hit buttons or tap the screen more than once. Once the device catches up it processes the actions. I have sent many empty SMS and have called people during editing contact information.
    • With the keyboard slid out. Someone would call me. I slide the keyboard in and now I can’t answer the phone. It just keeps ringing. The ringtone is saved in the memory card so that could be part of the problem.
  • Ringtone of SMS/MMS: I changed the ringtone for the SMS/MMS to a 20 second part of song. When someone sends me a message, the ringtone rings. But it keeps ringing even though I have already clicked on the message to read it.
  • Bluetooth file transfer: Once paired to my iMac I can transfer files. Browsing is slow but they can communicate. But the next day, the don’t see each other anymore.
  • Internet sharing: Same problem with the Bluetooth file transfer. It’ll work but after a day, you have to reset the connection again.
  • Contacts: This maybe a small problem or I may have been spoiled with previous phones/PDA, but the Wing can only store 1 mobile number per person. But you can have multiple home, work, and fax numbers. I don’t get it. Yes, I can specify the second mobile number as a home number or whatever.
  • Can’t see use the phone when I’m outside. The sun makes it nearly impossible to view the phone’s menus and interface.

I don’t know how the Wing responds with Windows PC since I’m a Mac user, but it still doesn’t affect the performance issue. I know you can overclock the Wing but IMO for the price of the phone, it should’ve given me a better experience.

I ended up getting the Pearl. It’s my first BB and am impressed so far. I know there isn’t a perfect phone out there but compared to the Wing, the Pearl has been stable and does what I need it to do.

This post is not to trash the Wing but just wanted to share my experience with it. For what/how I use it, it definitely isn’t for me.

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