Crucial MX100 CT512MX100SSD1

I just picked up the Crucial MX100 SSD 512GB model. I’m consolidating some machines at home and needed to increase space on my OS drive. For cost and performance ratio, it’s one of the best. It’s not the fastest but not the most expensive either.

I’m replacing 2x OCZ Vertex 3 VTX3-25SAT3-120G in RAID0. I’ve done some benchmarks before I replaced the drives and reinstalled Windows. This time I’ll only be using 1 SSD, no raid, and SATA port will be in AHCI mode.

After installing the new SSD, I used the same software to benchmark the drive.

IOPS for the 4K tests aren’t all that great in RAID0 at least for the drives I’ve used. I think I’m going to stay with non-raid OS drives from now on and get a larger sized SSD.

Here’s some pics while unboxing.

It’s a simple packaging. Only comes with the SSD and adapter that turns it from 7mm to 9mm.

That black piece is the adapter.

After formatting and ready for Windows installation, you are left with 476.9GB from 512GB.

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