Why I didn’t get the iPhone

I wanted the iPhone so much but was very disappointed when it was released. Why?

  • I will never sign a 2 year contract. But there is a way to do pre-paid. The regular plan starts at $60 for the phone. Compared to my T-Mobile myFaves plan, it’s not even close.
  • I’m content with T-Mobile and their prices. I get consistent service where ever I go and I’ve scouted around other providers and their price plans. I’m very happy with what I get and how much I pay for it.
  • No MMS support. This reminds me of my old Sidekick 2. Yes, you can email. Of the people you normally communicate on the cell phone, how many of them do you email and how many do you SMS/MMS?
  • 200 SMS included, nothing higher unless you’re an existing customer? Remember, in the US, both incoming and outgoing messages are counted as a message.
  • 8GB hard drive will not replace my 60GB iPod. How much can you really store with contacts, emails, pictures, music, movies, saved web pages, etc.? I will outgrow this thing in a week.
  • First of its kind. For $600 I’ll pass on being a guinea pig.
  • Apple is known to update their hardware at least once every year. Each version better than the previous. I bought the first Macbook Pro (Core Duo processor and 1GB ram) and 3 months later they released the Core 2 Duo and 2GB ram – about 8 months after that they released the Santa Rosa chip and now you can max out the ram to 4GB. Don’t get me wrong, I love my MBP but I would’ve loved the processor and memory upgrade at no extra cost. How about the iPod jumping from 60 to 80GB? There’s rumors of aniPhone Nano by the end of the year.
  • No custom ringtone support, yet. Well there’s a way if you have an Intel Mac and aren’t nervous about editing files. Here’s the article.

But from the articles I read and owners I spoke with, they are happy with their iPhone. I’m just a different type of user than they are. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind and pick one up. But for now I picked up the T-Mobile Wing / HTC P4350 instead. So far so good. I’ll do a review soon.

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