A surprise with my Macbook Pro

I’ve had my Macbook Pro (MA464LL/A)for over a year now and was contemplating on getting the new Core 2 Duo model. But my current one doesn’t need to be replaced. I’m just upset at how Apple’s current model has 2GB of ram included while mine is only 1GB of ram plus Core Duo. After reading a couple of articles online, there’s an average of 8% gain (involving apps that I often use) between a Core Duo/2GB ram MBP versus the new Core 2 Duo/2GB ram MBP. Looking at these articles I’ve decided not to spend another $2,500 on a new MBP, for now. I decided on upgrading my ram to 2GB instead. I assumed that my MBP came with 2x 512MB ram for a total of 1GB ram. So I went to my System Profiler and looked for what type of ram to buy. To my surprise, this is what I found…

system properties

Only 1 slot is occupied. I thought I had to get 2x 1GB ram chip and sell the 2x 512MB chip. Well, I found the 1GB chip from Newegg and bought it. I can’t wait for it to arrive and see the difference in performance. I’ll post before and after performance specs once I get the chip installed.

2 thoughts on “A surprise with my Macbook Pro

  1. i’ve a MBP and i only have a 512 module RAM on it …i’m thinking of upgrading it to 2 GB …i’d like to know how it went with you …any noticeable change …how does lightroom (if u have it) run on 2GB … ???thanks …


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