Apple announces the 3g iPhone

If you still haven’t heard, Apple announces the second version of the iPhone. It now has the ability to use the 3G network and GPS. The iPhone 2.0 was demoed during WWDC 2008 and looked great. They made it easy for any developer to create applications that ran on the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

I was excited to hear about the 3G version a couple of months ago but became disappointed after the announcement. Here are my reasons:

  • Hooray for 3G and GPS, yet it still has a 2MP camera?
  • Where’s the video support? You can capture pictures but no video?
  • Still no MMS support. Of course you can email people, but what about people who don’t have email support on their phones? They can’t respond to your email until they get to a machine with internet access?
  • AT&T is increasing the data plan an additional $10 per month.
  • No 32GB iPhone? I already have a 16GB iPod touch. With over 40GB of music, it just won’t do. I don’t like creating playlists after playlists to make it fit in 16GB. If I get the 16GB iPhone and months later Apple releases the 32GB version, what do I do then? I’ll be on a 2 year contract.

One good news is AT&T and Apple will now do in-store activations. There will no longer be activation via iTunes. This will help prevent (not eliminate) people from buying and unlocking the iPhones. This will also decrease people from buying many iPhones and reselling them on eBay for $100s more. We’ll see as July 11 draws nearer whether or not I will buy one. I know Abby wants one and my contract with T-Mobile expires days before that.

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