Two weeks after the interview and still waiting

Its been exactly two weeks since our interview, my husband called the embassy again and was told that the reason why we are under review is because the National Statistiics office(NSO) here in Manila has not yet sent them the request to check the validity of our marriage which they have submitted in the last week of Feb. So maybe thats the reason why he didnt asked us anything else(documents) that we brought since he will still have to review our case when they have the request they need to finalize our petition. In one of the website which help us during the process to make the petition faster, there are couples who had their case completed almost the same time as ours has their interview date two weeks later than ours. This was just my observation which I told my hubby. There were three of us who has completed on the same date, two of them had their interview this week and has been approved. Perhaps the embassy has time to check whatever they need to check at the NSO, considering they are two weeks later than us. Well I am just trying to rationalize the consuls action since we really have everything to prove our relationship is real. My husband cousin went to the same process as ours last year, but the thing is they received a letter from the embassy prior to the interview that the visa delivery may take long because they still have to make a routine check at the civil registry. At least they need not wonder whats happening with their case. We are keeping our hopes up and continuously praying for our petition to be finally completed and hopefully a fast visa delivery.

My husband has talked to an employee at the congressman’s office and received an email that they have sent a letter at the USA embassy in Manila. Hopefully this will help speed up the process, my husband has extended his leave from March 26 until May 4 since we want to leave Manila together….we can’t take airport good byes anymore.

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