Praying to be out of AR (Administrative Review)

Our interview was done last March 2, unfortunately we were put on AR. My husband was there all throughout the process. He was allowed to be there while I was being interviewed by an American Consul. Seems to me that the Consul has a positive personality, he has been very reassuring that our papers and documents are complete and there was no problem that we need to worry about. It shocked us that after all the reassuring he told us that they still need to check on something before our visa will be released.

All that was ask from me was our pictures, phone bills, and greeting cards. Both Filipino and American interviewer ask about our love story and ask my husband where he works. No other question about our relationship.

Everything seems to be going well until he ask about F3 petition(family based petition). Well my mom is being petitioned by my grandfather since 1994, but in 2005 my grandfather died. I was told that this will automatically make the petitioned void. The interviewer asked me if any of my parents are US citizen, of course I said no. Then he said that since my grandfather was petitioning my mom, it is in their record that I am being petitioned as well. Though I told him that my grandpa died last year, it seems to us that he would want to check if our F3 petitioned has been revoked. We are still not sure if this is the real reason why we are put on AR, my husband is having a hard time to contact the US embassy here in Manila. After our interview we were asked to pay delbros for the delivery of our visa. The guy at window 37, where the documents are returned, told us that our visa may take 3-6 weeks before delivery since they need to review on something. The good thing he says is that they didnt asked us any additional documents meaning that they would just check on something….. it is just a click away form their computer since my granpa is a US citizen,hopefully this will not take long. Anyways my husband has called his work and updated them about our case. He informed them that he wont be leaving Manila until I go back with him to America. Good thing is, his supervisor is supportive and told him not to worry about his work, and the important thing is he will be coming back to work for them. This process is long and very stressful but the glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel is not far away. God has brought us together and we are keeping our faith strong since we believe that He has plan wonderful things for each one us. We just have to believe and trust Him!

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