Yahoo! mail beta

Yahoo! Asia email accounts had the ability to try out the mail beta before US accounts did; and finally I get a chance. It reminds me of the Gmail interface and Mail on my OS X. You can use keyboard shortcuts to do different things (ie. delete button will delete the selected email, pressing the N key will take you to a create new message screen. Also, you can drag messages into folders now, rather than putting a check and selecting the move option in the drop down menu.

More and more online applications are starting to mimic software ran on your local computer. I think it’s great. Because it is online, it allows users great flexibility. Imagine using applications without worrying about hardware requirements. All you need is an internet connection and a browser – doesn’t matter what OS you are running either.

One thing I did notice is it is slower than the old version. You can always switch back. There is a link on top of the page that will do so. It is beta, so ensure there are bugs

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