Verizon FIOS…

I spent the weekend over at my cousin’s house. They have Verizon FIOS as their DSL provider. Now I have a co-worker who has had this service since it was available in his area and he was just amazed at the speed. It was hard for me to believe until this weekend when I ran some tests at my cousin’s house. Below is a screenshot from DSL Reports speed test.


I was consistently getting about the same speed each test. Amazing! My cousin is paying $39.99 a month. Compared to my Adelphia/Time Warner cable service which I get about 2,500 Kbps down and 256 Kbps up for $44.99 a month. Wish I can get Verizon but in my area, SBC is the DSL provider.

By the way, here’s what we get at work.

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