Newest toy: CanoScan 500F

I picked up a new scanner to replace my HP Scanjet 5500c. I’ve had that for a while but the ADF broke within a year. I was disappointed since it was the only scanner I found out on the market that the ADF supported 4×6 photos. It worked great, when it worked. The scanner still scans on the flatbed but the ADF now gets jammed. I was also looking for a software that will scan multiple pictures and separate them into files after scanning. I found a software called VueScan. It worked decent but I thought, for $50, I’d rather get a new scanner that has the software.

So now I picked up the CanonScan LIDE500F. A couple of things that help me decide on this item.

  1. the size – I can fit it in my Targus backpack that also holds my 15” MacBook Pro
  2. USB(2.0) powered – no need to plug it in the wall, less things to carry around
  3. CanoScan software – it scans multiple images and separates them into individual files
  4. it’s a Canon – I’ve had nothing but good experience with Canon after I switched to Apple

The photo editor is average. But I use Photoshop to do all the scanning. Now it’s easy to scan old pictures. I don’t have to scan each 4×6 pictures and save them. I can do a group at a time and it does the saving for me. It’s a good buy for around $129. Below are pics to give you a perspective on the size.

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