Two failed Ematic tablets

I recently purchased an Ematic EGP007 from Altatac. It was refurbished and was a very good price. It ran Android 4.0. Upon receiving it, the tablet never worked. I turn it on and it would just freeze during boot up. Altatac refunded my money without any problems, kudos to them.

A few days later they had another special on a brand new Ematic EGM002. I figured, the price is good and it’s brand new, maybe I’ll have better luck. So here it is.

I was able to play with it after a few days. It uses its own app store and you don’t need to create an account. It doesn’t have all the apps that you would find in the Android Play store though, but it’s good enough. If you find it lacking, you can always install Amazon’s app store for the Android. Overall, the performance is what you’d expect for a low cost tablet. When you first run apps, it’s very slow to load. But once it’s running, it’s tolerable.

Unfortunately, the touch screen became unresponsive. I contacted Altatac again, and again they made it easy for me to return the product for a refund. By the way, if this happened to you, the way to do a reset is to hold the power button down for 6 seconds. With the screen unresponsive, I couldn’t even restart the device and it took a few minutes to search online on how to do a hard reset. This could be my last attempt with Ematic tablets. Very affordable, but you get what you pay for. I would buy from Altatac again for their customer service.

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