Sony SAL50F18 Lens

Yes, I made the switch from Canon to Sony. I’ve been using my Sony A65 for a few months now and one of the things I wanted to do was to get the same lens I had with my Canon XS. I really enjoyed my “nifty fifty” on my Canon. Sony’s version is the SAL50F18.

I’m very pleased with the lens. It delivers similarly to my Canon. The focusing motor is also loud just like the Canon. I’ve shot a few videos with it and that motor noise can be problem. Canon solved that by releasing apancake lens (40mm f/2.8). I wish Sony would come out with a pancake lens for the A-Mount.

Low light performance is great with the f/1.8. The photos have come out crisp and sharp. In some shots though, I see a slight advantage with the Canon. The Sony is also more expensive than the Canon lens 🙁 .

No matter what DSLR you have, you should have this type of lens in your bag.

Here are some pics of the lens itself and a few I took at Disneyland.


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