BSOD on Windows 8 – SSD Issue?

Last night I got a BSOD with an error called DPC_Watchdog_Violation. I searched for it and many claim it might have something to do with my SSD and its firmware being old. I’m running a SanDisk Extreme SDSSDX240GG25 with firmware R112. Apparently it’s an old version so I decided to update it. I installed the toolkit and it told me the latest (as of February 8, 2013) is R211. I went ahead and created a USB boot disk from the utility.

I rebooted and when I got to the install screen I couldn’t use my keyboard. I’m using a Logitech K750 wireless keyboard. Then I thought maybe the driver isn’t supported if it’s a wireless keyboard. I plugged in a wired USB keyboard on a different port, restarted, and it was the same thing.

firmware interface

I ended up calling tech support. They told me to try and burn an ISO on CD. I didn’t want to waste a CD for a 10MB file but oh well I just want to update the firmware. Same thing with booting off the CD.

Then I switched USB ports again for my wired USB keyboard, and there it was. The patch installed in about 2 seconds. I rebooted and hopefully I don’t get the BSOD anymore.

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