My Windows 8 Adventure

Windows 8 is here and Microsoft is offering multiple editions (again). I never thought I would be one of those who would buy the wrong version on accident but this time around I ended up making the mistake. Maybe this is why Microsoft releases so many different versions. Why can’t they be like Apple when they release OSX, there’s just the regular version (that covers new installations and upgrades) and the Server version. Very easy to distinguish between the two.

So the plan is to remove my RAID0 SSD (2x Kingston 120GB SSD). I decided to get rid of the RAID0 after I found out that RAID0 trim support can only be found in 7-series motherboards. I decided to get one Sandisk Extreme 240GB SSD drive. I was able to get it for only $120 a few months ago and it has been sitting around waiting for me to use it.

Below are some pics I took. You will notice two copies of Windows 8. The white box is the Windows 8 Full OEM version I got from Newegg. The other is the Windows 8 Pro from Best Buy.

I’ll take the blame for getting the wrong version from Newegg. I guess I just didn’t notice that the title didn’t have “Pro”. All I kept trying to look for is the full version and not upgrade. The best deal I found was the Best Buy one – for $70 – but the there is no clear way to tell whether or not it’s the full version or upgrade. The Newegg disc is what I used to install since it clearly says “Full”. I planned on returning the other copy at Best Buy. After installation and registering, I was trying to install the free Pro Pack but was unable to. After an hour of trying to figure it out, I checked the System Properties and did not see “Pro” in the Windows version. I double checked the box and it was the same thing.

I ended up re-installing with the Best Buy box and was able to install it as a full version. It’s weird the URL I posted above links to the product but it now says “upgrade” yet I was able to install it without any version of Windows on my hard drive. Anyways, it comes with both 32 and 64bit discs. Now I’m up and running and Metro is going to take some time to get use to.

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