Windows 10 Upgrade Errors

Windows 10 Upgrade Errors

Microsoft has finally released Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. I took part in the tech preview and was impressed by how the new operating system looked and felt. Even though I was running the beta for several months on a VM, I was excited that the final release is finally available for download for current Windows 7 and 8 users. That excitement however, quickly turned into frustration.

Aida64 Extreme

I recently built a new PC on the X99 platform. Now I’d like to run some benchmarks. What should I use? My search lead me to Finalwire’s Aida64. I’ve heard of the tool before. Many of the bloggers and Youtube users I follow use it. I now have a reason to use it. I first…

Virtu trial expired?

I opened my Arcsoft MediaConverter 7 so I can do some more transcoding. To my surprise I was greeted with the following error. I went to the Lucid Logix website for support just like the error said. I couldn’t find any help nor did I find a way to purchase the full version. All I…