Roku2 XD demo

I recently bought a Roku2 XD device. I already have an Apple TV2 but I was curious at what this device could do. The Roku2 is pretty much the same device as the ATV2 except the XD model supports 1080p video whereas the ATV2 will do up to 720p. It is also cheaper than the ATV2 (XD model). So far I have been enjoying it. It’s a lot lighter than the ATV2 and from I’ve read, consumes less power (2 watts).

If you haven’t seen my unboxing video, check it out below. [youtube]

I also made a demo video just browsing around the many different channels. [youtube]

So far, the only thing I wish it did was stream my files from my DLNA server. It does however, have a mini SDHC slot. I could store them on of those cards but that’s more work. Maybe one day, they’ll release a patch or someone will create a hack.

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