Bought a fake jersey from eBay

I recently bought a jersey from eBay. Based on the description, it wasn’t fake. The title said “Joakim Noah Jersey – New White – Sewn lettering- Adidas”. I was excited to get it for a cheaper price. That should’ve been my first clue. The second clue is the seller hasn’t had much rating, though it’s 100%. I figured I’ll take the chance. Some have bought from him recently and haven’t complained.

I received an email from eBay notifying me that the item I have purchase has been cancelled. I have already paid and the seller has contacted me that it was shipped. I tried to view the item and sure enough it no longer exists. According to the email, eBay gives the following reason… “We understand this may be disappointing, but occasionally we need to remove listings. In this case, the listing was removed because the copyright or trademark owner of this product reported that the item may be counterfeit.”

I checked the seller’s rating again to see if anyone else as recent as me gave a feedback. There was one recent feedback that states he has received a fake jersey. So now I’m waiting for a fake jersey to come in. I received it and gave it another benefit of a doubt and opened it. I was very disappointed. I was hoping to wear this during the Game 1 Indiana VS Chicago game. Instead I had to open a case with eBay. The seller communicated back and will take the jersey back. The jersey cost $46.99 with free shipping. He will give me a full refund but since it’s free shipping, I have to pay for it to be sent back.

I went to the post office this morning to mail it. Shipping cost $4.04. Here are some pics that I took to compare the fake to an original. Note that the Derrick Rose jersey is an original swingman by Adidas – this is not the latest version that’s part of the Revolution 30 jersey so it will look slightly different. Again, the Rose jersey is real and the Noah jersey is fake.

No red Adidas logo in the front (fake).

Jerry West (NBA logo) has no elbow lol (fake).

The tip of the horns on the Bulls logo.

Beware of eBay seller bellborsini. He is selling fake jerseys. Next time I’ll think twice on a low rated seller. It sucks because finding Chicago Bulls jerseys outside Illinois is very difficult. I have the Jordans, Pippens, Rose jerseys but I like the whole team and not just their star player. I’d like to get their jerseys too.

I actually would’ve kept this jersey had it not tried to be legit. If it didn’t have any of the Adidas and NBA logo and the seller’s description was truthful, I would’ve still bought it. I have purchased sewn jerseys off eBay that didn’t try to be a real licensed apparel. Many of them are my favorite NBA players but their College jerseys. Oh well, guess I’ll keep looking.

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    1. as i stated in the last paragraph before i posted pics. the derrick rose jersey is not the newest version (revolution 30). so it’s not the shiny material but the holey one. i got it from champs sports 2 years ago. i only buy jerseys from ebay if i can’t find it locally and unfortunately, living outside chicago, there’s not much bulls jersey available.i wanted to compare the bulls logo, the nba logo, no addidas logo in the front right, the font used (i know the “S” in bulls is right on the noah jersey but the other letters don’t match, even the “1”s don’t match), the sizing doesn’t match compared to another jersey in my collection, etc. my comparison was not between one had shiny material and the other holey. i know that the revolution 30 jerseys use the shiny material, but the noah jersey was an obvious fake to me. once i get a real revolution 30 joakim noah jersey, i will be posting pics and comparing the 2.

  1. Lol. Actually moron. The new revolution material is not SHINY. It’s a dri fit material with mesh. The old 2007-09 jerseys are the shiny material. And another thing. That ADIDAS logo in the front, isnt supposed to be on the “authentic” jerseys by the nba logo, those are only on the swing mans. Although your fake authentic jersey is fake, you’re still an idiot for not knowing how to distinguish authentic jerseys from the rest. Lol

    1. the pics that were posted on the auction did not match the product i received. i’ve bought a handful of jerseys from ebay, this was the first fake one. so i’m doing pretty good i guess. now when in doubt, i try to visit a local store in hopes to find something similar to compare. i guess i am a moron and an idiot for approving your comment, but it’s relevant.

  2. The size 50 should’ve been your first clue. Sizes are 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60. Personally, I check legit checks on forums and/or compare real pictures with the ones sellers post. For a safer bet, I hope you’re on Not only are those guys some of the most knowledgeable on any kind of uniforms, they’re also really helpful.

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