Striking out with AMD and AM1 platform

After a day with my new AMD Athlon 5350 and MSI AM1I motherboard, I’ve had nothing but problems. I’ve tried running Linux Mint 16 and Ubuntu 13.10 with the hopes of running XBMC. Nothing but driver related issues with the video card. I even tried with Windows 7 Professional 64bit. Also problems with the video drivers. Here’s the errors I get.

The log file shows me

I’ve tried running the exe file as administrator and no luck. I guess it’s just way too new. I won’t be running my HTPC anytime soon. Hope a fix is released, preferably on Linux. I’ve also tried running XBMC on Windows 7 and because the driver failed to be installed, I get a GUI error. I tried XBMCBuntu and it boots off the USB but it won’t install. I’m a little disappointed. This was my first time back to AMD in a long time, as well as MSI. Not a good experience back. I’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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  1. Same but different issues here too with a 5150 and MSI AM1I on Windows 7 x64 Pro. I can get CCC to install but I get a BSOD either right away (13.12) or eventually (using the CCC from the disk or 14.3 beta). Yeah, not good at all. This is definitely not ready for primetime.

  2. Hello,do you have tried fedora ? I used this on my Lenovo S205 with AMD E350. With open source driver works fine. Unfortunately the 64 bit version doesn’t install cause an horrible efi implementation 🙁 But xbmc worked great.

    1. @jena, no i didn’t try fedora. i’m not too familiar with that distro. i only stay with ubuntu and mint. i’m still a newbie with linux. i RMA the motherboard and cpu so i don’t have it anymore. i’m a bit disappointed. the platform looked very promising. the power consumption and performance impressed me and it would’ve been a perfect htpc solution for me. too bad it isn’t compatible with my choices of software. i’ll try it again later on when support is better.

    1. ya i tried the beta ones too but same problem. i ended up reinstalling windows 7. but this time rather than updating windows, then installing the amd/msi software and drivers, i did the opposite. after the fresh install, i installed the amd/msi software and drivers then updated windows 7 and no more issues… in terms of drivers. but xbmc still had the same gui error. i rma it back to newegg and got a refund. i may just wait for better support to try again or go with the intel bay trail, but waiting on the asrock q1900 –

  3. I’ve just set up a new PC for HTPC: Asrock AM1B-ITX, AMD 5350, AData DDR3 1666 4G *1, Plextor M6S 128G, Antec Eco Neo 400W PSUnfortunately, I have same problem, I’ve done a couple of fresh installs Win 7 X64 SP1 and tried AMD Catalyst from the Asrock disk( 13.250) and 14.4 from AMD web, but all crashed then reboot, even the Catalyst_13.352_whql_windows_apr9_2014 from Asus official web gave the same result. After boot into the windows, crashed a bit later for no reason. And, after I remove the AMD VGA driver to the Microsoft standard VGA driver in Windows SafeMode, the problems all gone. Do you think it’s software problem or hardware problem, if hardware, CPU problem or Motherboard problem? Thanks in advance. Any suggestion are appreciated.

  4. Msi am1i mobo ,5350 CPu , r7 250 VGA , 1×4 GB CVengance (1600) , Corsair 450 W ,1 TB toshiba , optical drive -all that in a midi case , runing on W7 Ultimate(64 bit) , iv had it for over a month now … its runing as smooth as a something smooth 😛 ,drivers perfect ,i even instaled invidia Physix and its ok (am amd card LOL 🙂 only problem i mhaving is cant overclock the CPu , only Assus Mobos can for now, ran many Cinebenches ,Pi modes, many more … its strugling but it gets the job done ..for gaming is quiet good …. i cant seem t ounderstand what is the problem ur all having ..but write me i might try help

  5. Hey any other got problems with the gpu, when I’m running the integrated gpu I crashed everytime I boot Windows 7. But it runs smoothly with my old gtx260. Anybody knows what’s wrong?

  6. wow, this problem still exists? i no longer have the hardware but i’m surprised people are still having the issue. i was ready to reconsider and give the platform another try but never mind.

  7. Hi, I think that the problem is to make coexist vga driver with southbridge driver… I send to AMD my situation hoping they will answer… if not i will send back mobo+processor to amazon and i buy an Intel setup.

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