Unlock your iPhone for free

After reading this article http://www.engadget.com/2007/09/11/iunlock-released-the-first-free-open-source-iphone-sim-unlock/, I am one step closer into changing my mind about getting an iPhone. Yes, I blogged about the reasons why I wouldn’t get one, but if I’m able to use it on T-Mobile’s network, I may change my mind about it. Still part of me says to wait for the iPod Touch with the 16GB drive and/or wait for the new iPhone (rumor has it that it will be released close to Christmas season) which will have 3G support and have the 16GB flash drive.

So far it’s a 2 step process. You must first “jailbreak” your iPhone before you can use the iUnlock (or iBrickr for Window$). And the process involves SFTP and SSH. I can do it, but I’m too lazy to go through all the steps. I may wait for the “GUI” version before I’ll make my decision so that I can click “Next, Next, OK”. I wonder what those people are feeling that actually paid $99 to get their iPhone unlocked after this free method was released. Seeing that, I may wait.

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