I’m here at last in California!

My husband and I are finally here in California after the long wait. We left Manila last May 9 supposedly at 8.30 but you know PAL(plane always late) we left at 10pm and we arrive here at LA at around 10.30pm. It was cold when we got here and it took a long time to wait at the immigration because the line was long, but when we had our turn it took us 10 minutes to get out of there. I was welcomed by my husbands family then we headed straight home since we are so tired.

The following day we woke up early and went to apply for my social security number. We went to the bank after that to open a joint account. Then we stop by at DMV to get application form and booklet. It was almost afternoon and we forgot about luch since I enjoyed shopping which is our next itenerary. My baby shopped me for new clothes, cellular phone, PDA, etc. He was right I should have not brought clothes from Manila since the style of dressing here is a little bit different. What maybe a fad there isn’t the same here.

At around 9pm we had dinner at Cheese cake Factory, he kept telling me how good the foods are and true enough its not comparable to what we have in Manila( Not even the expensive ones there).

On my second day, my husband has to get back to work so I had time to unpack our luggage. He was home in the afternoon and so I asked him to teach me to do our laundry……yehey, it is a milestone for me since it was my first time to wash clothes. Now I know how to do it by myself:).

The only bad thing now is that my husband has high fever. He was fatigued since he slept only for 2 hours and had to go to work. I just hope its just stress or flu and not anything serious. Not a great way to start my bday, I hope he gets better. I can’t sleep whenever he is sick so I have been awake since 3am, i have to make sure that he takes his meds on time. Its good that he was able to rest and sleep now, he has all weekends to get better while I pamper him with TLC. Yahoo!

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