Weekend happenings before October ends

First off, Mozilla has released Firefox 2. Haven’t really read the release notes but I upgraded anyway. My G5 at home didn’t like the new update but my MBP did. I’m sure it’s plugin related. I just didn’t have time to go through the plugin list at home to check which is the one causing Firefox not to display right. If you want to get it, download it from this site.

Saturday, E finally got his Apple iMac. He picked up a 20” Core 2 Duo. Nice machine! Comes with a 1GB ram, DVD-RW, 250GB drive and no problems that you get with Windoze. One less person to worry about, yes! My mission is to have all of my friends switch to Apple so that I don’t have to be bothered fixing them. I already have too many things I have to take care of. Now to see who’s next on my list.


More pics to come later.

Finally, yesterday was Acurazine‘s BBQ meet. Pretty good turn out. Saq 2 NSXs, a supercharged 3rd Gen TL, and a really nice media jukebox that I’m thinking of getting to swap out my DVD player. Here’s some teasers of the event…

The rest of the album can be viewed on my gallery.

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