I decided that I have to make a post since a lot of people has been asking regarding the embassy interview to be able to go here to seat in for the test.

I did not have a first hand experience on this but last weekend I was able to have lunch with an old friend/dorm mate and this topic came up. She told me how she was able to get a visa. The first time she tried she was denied. All that was ask was what the purpose of the visit and she did not hesitate to answer to seat in for the FPGEE test since this is the truth. A few months later, she tried again but this time she opened another pharmacy making it 2 under her name plus she has a regular 8 hour job. Upon questioning she just told the consul outright that she has to go on this trip cause otherwise her FPGEE application will be forfeited since she rescheduled it after being denied during the first interview. They just look at her ties meaning financial capability like how can she afford the trip and so she showed her bank account and other assets that would prove that she has enough ties to come back. She was given 10 years multiple entry. This experience was true for her and a friend who went for the interview at the same time and got denied the first time then approved on the 2nd. To give a background of her friend she was working for the military as a Pharmacist, no other business just savings.

I hope this will be of help. And I must just say what they have gone through is not a guarantee to get a visa. I am just sharing their experience since I have been asked a lot of times on what to say to the consul for their interview. I came here in USA with a green card after I was petitioned by my spouse so I was so happy to hear my friends ordeal cause I know this will be of valuable help to others. Good luck on your journey in becoming a USA Pharmacist.

Please feel free to share your experience to all Kabayans out there so we can help those who would want to try FPGEE.

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  1. Hi everyone,I have been reading this blog since I became inerested in taking FPGEE. For my background, I finished my BS Pharmacy back in 1990 at UP Mla. I never practiced my degree although I landed 2nd place in Pharmacy Boards. I came here to US to work as an RN in 2006. I have been enjoying my salary as an RN to 6 digits until economy pulled it down to 5 digits. This is the reason why I thought of becoming a pharmacist here in USA.I took my FPGEE this September 2011. I prepared the test by reviewing the books suggested from this blog and some others (Urch?). I focused studying Comprehensive Pharmacy Review by Shargel and Pharmacy Management by M. Shroff. It was very difficult for me at the start of my review because I totally forgot about math, chemistry and drugs. Nursing has different approach with medications/drugs. I thought of just mastering these books than hopping from 1 book to another. I think I read the books 3-4x. I prepared for half a year but maybe just 10 hours a week and 8-10 hrs/day for the last 3 weeks before the test since I do full time job, a mom of two kids (6 and 7 years old), a wife and a daughter to a needy mom. I passed the test with a score of 104. Thank you very much to you Abby and the people who shared their experiences in FPGEE!. Of course, to the Almighty God (thru the intervention of saints and angels) who answered my prayers.The September 2011 FPGEE was really hard. It has questions you wouldn’t expect to come out.The Pre-FPGEE helped me a lot to have a bird’s eyeview of the test. Although the questions were just maybe one fifth of the numbers of the actual test, take note of each question where it came from. For example, if 1 question is “micromolecular’, read a lot about it, because for sure, questions on that level will come out. Better copy quickly the ques but take note of the time because you will be logged off if it reaches the end time. Biostat , management and chemical structures are my waterloo and they did come out and a lot of them. The two books I mentioned will give you a general knowledge but the actual test is more detailed but they are still in those books. During the test, I ‘got locked out’ because the books did mention the topic but the questions were more detailed. So I have no idea which answers to pick. If you have time, which I did not have, go further with details. About drugs, start mastering its classification. At least, it will help you decide which answer is better since you can rule out or rule in. Math is not much but who knows if it comes out next. I don’t remember brand names but chemical structures of drugs with their correspnding MOA, side effects, etc. Some of the institutions in USA with its functions were also in the test.Good luck! I’ll post again if I remember some more.liwayway

    1. I am happy for you Liwayway, your prayers, effort and hard work had paid off. Good luck in the rest of your journey. Keep us posted and let me know if you have questions. I admire how you were able to study and work at the same time, I couldn’t do it or maybe I can but I would have not pull it like you did.God bless and keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your endeavor.

      1. Hi girls! I am sorry to bother but I have such a big trouble of making decision of taking or not taking FPGEE exam. I just finished Pharmacy in my country Poland, now temporarily I am in USA, just found out about the possibility of the exam, as I was reading about that so much it put me in the dark hole with no light and I am confused because I don’t understand all the steps I need to make to become pharmacist in USA. I know is long way but my information ends at FPGEE. I don’t know what to do after if I pass, what’s that internship, how to look, when to even start to think about. I have nobody to simply talk to me and draw me the way step by step. Please can you contact me on my e-mail adress so I can ask few things – for you won;t be difficult because you already on your way to success and I am happy for you. need just to make my mind clear step by step what after what:) Thank you in advance!

        1. Hi there! After passing the FPGEE, you also have to take TOEFL, it is an English test for foreign grads. Once you completed this and send the results to the BOARDS, they will be sending you a certificate that you are now a graduate intern pharmacist. So now you have to look for a pharmacy who will take you as an intern. The internship process, you will have to apply to different companies who may be able to sponsor you so you can proceed with the internship. As you may have read, it has been hard these days to find a company that will sponsor you and take you as an intern and eventually their employee. If you did not need sponsoring, the other way to go is look for independent store where you can volunteer or maybe give you allowance for the time being. Once you completed 1500 hours of internship, you are now eligible to take the NAPLEX. This test you can take anytime when you are ready but you have to schedule it with them. After which you take the Law part, depending on the state you plan to live they have different study materials that you need to know. As for me we have the CPJE for CAliforrnia. Once you pass this exam, You then become a licensed pharmacist in your state.Good luck. Thanks for visiting our site.

  2. hi everyone,iam a B.pharm graduate from uae,does anyone know when the next FPGEE exam will be held? i mean the post april one.Also,do we need to have a licensure of being able to practise pharmacy in our home country .how if we dont have it??will we be accepted???

  3. I am from Egypt Liwayway, but I live in the US since two years. I am very happy for your success. I will try to take the test on Sept. 2012. Pray for me, I am afraid from this exam. Goodluck with NAPLEX.

  4. hello Basem, the exam is not sept 2012 it is nov. 9, 2012. i will also take the exam this coming november…good luck to both of us. where will u take the exam?

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