Domain transfer in progress

I just transferred this domain today and it’s in progress. Hopefully all will go well and no downtime. The last time I transferred domains out of Godaddy, it was a pain and took over a week. They really make it hard for you to leave, which is one of the reasons why I’m leaving them. This domain is the last one I have with them. It’s expiring soon so I figured it’s a good time to transfer and renew with another registrar. I’ll post again when there’s updates. But if you are unable to reach this website, now you have an idea why.

John Starks and John Wall jersey

The NBA finally re-released John Starks’s jersey but it is the away color. I picked it up anyway since I’ve been waiting for it for a while now. He’s one of my favorite players in the 90s. I’ve been wanting the home jersey but they don’t have it. So I decided to just get it customized from the NBA site. I even got my son Aedyn one but it’s still too big for him. I also got him a John Wall jersey. This one fits him better than the Starks one. I can’t wait for him to be able to wear the Starks jersey so we both can wear it. Here’s some pics I took.














New header images

I’ve been wanting to change the random header images that came with the theme I’m using, but never found the time until a few days ago. I was surprised at how easy it was to modify. All I had to do was create images that were 1000×288 and upload them. I can upload as many as I want and I have 2 choices – I can display the same image every time the page is loaded or I can have it display random images from what I’ve uploaded. No need to edit any code or many upload files using an FTP client. WordPress is just great.

Switched back to Hostmonster

I went back to for hosting. Abby wanted to start an ecommerce site and I found a need for additional features that my Godaddy account couldn’t provide. Rather than pay more with Godaddy, I went back to Hostmonster for a little more per month where they give me a near VPS environment while charging for shared hosting.

I did notice it a little slower. Not sure if it’s the WordPress reacting to the server or it’s just slower. I left for Godaddy since it’s cheaper with very little features. But now I need those extra features again. I’ve been very pleased with Hostmonster anyway I just wish it is cheaper but for the features they give and allow I shouldn’t complain much.

The transfer of the server should be complete but if you experience problems with pages let me know.

Bought a fake jersey from eBay

I recently bought a jersey from eBay. Based on the description, it wasn’t fake. The title said “Joakim Noah Jersey – New White – Sewn lettering- Adidas”. I was excited to get it for a cheaper price. That should’ve been my first clue. The second clue is the seller hasn’t had much rating, though it’s 100%. I figured I’ll take the chance. Some have bought from him recently and haven’t complained.

I received an email from eBay notifying me that the item I have purchase has been cancelled. I have already paid and the seller has contacted me that it was shipped. I tried to view the item and sure enough it no longer exists. According to the email, eBay gives the following reason… “We understand this may be disappointing, but occasionally we need to remove listings. In this case, the listing was removed because the copyright or trademark owner of this product reported that the item may be counterfeit.”

I checked the seller’s rating again to see if anyone else as recent as me gave a feedback. There was one recent feedback that states he has received a fake jersey. So now I’m waiting for a fake jersey to come in. I received it and gave it another benefit of a doubt and opened it. I was very disappointed. I was hoping to wear this during the Game 1 Indiana VS Chicago game. Instead I had to open a case with eBay. The seller communicated back and will take the jersey back. The jersey cost $46.99 with free shipping. He will give me a full refund but since it’s free shipping, I have to pay for it to be sent back.

I went to the post office this morning to mail it. Shipping cost $4.04. Here are some pics that I took to compare the fake to an original. Note that the Derrick Rose jersey is an original swingman by Adidas – this is not the latest version that’s part of the Revolution 30 jersey so it will look slightly different. Again, the Rose jersey is real and the Noah jersey is fake.




No red Adidas logo in the front (fake).


Jerry West (NBA logo) has no elbow lol (fake).




The tip of the horns on the Bulls logo.


Beware of eBay seller bellborsini. He is selling fake jerseys. Next time I’ll think twice on a low rated seller. It sucks because finding Chicago Bulls jerseys outside Illinois is very difficult. I have the Jordans, Pippens, Rose jerseys but I like the whole team and not just their star player. I’d like to get their jerseys too.

I actually would’ve kept this jersey had it not tried to be legit. If it didn’t have any of the Adidas and NBA logo and the seller’s description was truthful, I would’ve still bought it. I have purchased sewn jerseys off eBay that didn’t try to be a real licensed apparel. Many of them are my favorite NBA players but their College jerseys. Oh well, guess I’ll keep looking.


I decided that I have to make a post since a lot of people has been asking regarding the embassy interview to be able to go here to seat in for the test.

I did not have a first hand experience on this but last weekend I was able to have lunch with an old friend/dorm mate and this topic came up. She told me how she was able to get a visa. The first time she tried she was denied. All that was ask was what the purpose of the visit and she did not hesitate to answer to seat in for the FPGEE test since this is the truth. A few months later, she tried again but this time she opened another pharmacy making it 2 under her name plus she has a regular 8 hour job. Upon questioning she just told the consul outright that she has to go on this trip cause otherwise her FPGEE application will be forfeited since she rescheduled it after being denied during the first interview. They just look at her ties meaning financial capability like how can she afford the trip and so she showed her bank account and other assets that would prove that she has enough ties to come back. She was given 10 years multiple entry. This experience was true for her and a friend who went for the interview at the same time and got denied the first time then approved on the 2nd. To give a background of her friend she was working for the military as a Pharmacist, no other business just savings.

I hope this will be of help. And I must just say what they have gone through is not a guarantee to get a visa. I am just sharing their experience since I have been asked a lot of times on what to say to the consul for their interview. I came here in USA with a green card after I was petitioned by my spouse so I was so happy to hear my friends ordeal cause I know this will be of valuable help to others. Good luck on your journey in becoming a USA Pharmacist.

Please feel free to share your experience to all Kabayans out there so we can help those who would want to try FPGEE.