ASO – A Small Orange

I’ve been hearing nothing but great feedback from a hosting company called A Small Orange. I’ve been curious about them for a few months now and this morning I created an account. I’m leaving Hostmonster because I noticed my websites have been loading slow. At work (different account), it has been slow as well. It turns out that other users (shared environment) seem to be hogging the resources – which leads to less resources for my websites, thus the slow loading. I have slowly moved my websites over (this one included) and have seen quite a difference. It feels like I just installed WordPress and it has no content yet – at least for me it feels that way. Hopefully it loads fast for you as well, or at least faster.

Once I move, I’ll be closing my account with Hostmonster and hope for a refund of unused services. This is not the first time I’ve moved out from them and they’re easy to work with. They are a great hosting company, it’s just this time I want something faster.

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