Switching host again

I’ve been using Godaddy as my host for a couple of months now and for the price, they’re not that bad. For $3.95/month, you can host numerous domains on 1 account. But there are a couple of things I wish it had:

  • iMAP support for email
  • a better online file manager (they have been working on this feature for almost a year now and still nothing)
  • allow remote access to the database
  • SSH access
  • PHP Pear
  • better support

Then I found Hostmonster. For $4.95/month (first 2 years pre-paid, then $5.95/month for the next 2 years pre-paid), I get what I’ve listed above, plus more.

  • bigger storage space
  • more monthly bandwidth
  • RoR (Ruby on Rails)
  • WebDav
  • each add-on domain can have their own separate FTP, login, etc. accounts
  • cPanel

And that’s just what I’ve noticed so far. I just created an account today and I’ve already set my DNS on my sites to point to the new server. There might be some down time, so bear with me please. I will keep the Godaddy account active until I’m sure the new hosts lives up to my expectations. If not, I can simply change my DNS settings back to Godaddy and get a refund.

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