WordPress theme resetting by themselves… fixed

Recently my WordPress themes have been resetting to the default theme by themselves. It was weird, I changed my theme and 10-15 minutes later it would use the default theme. I googled it and found numerous sites with the same problem. Many blame the Alex King plugin and how it’s not installed properly, but I’m not using it. So I started to play around with different things. First I disabled all the plugins – that didn’t work. Then I used a theme from months ago where this problem didn’t exist – that didn’t work either. So that led me to believe that it’s not the plugins or the themes I’m using.

Then I remembered that I set my old domain (sherwinm.com) to use this site’s database so that if anyone visits my old site, they will automatically be tracked with this blog and be sent here. My other domain doesn’t use the same theme. So whenever someone accesses this blog via sherwinm.com, it automatically thinks that the theme is invalid and resets it to default. Being that it uses this site’s database, this site also gets affected. I deleted the blog and just used the traditional redirect code and viola! problem fixed. Hope this helps some of you who still are having problems.

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