Carry Speed CS-3

After using this for a couple of weeks, I can honestly say that this is by far the best accessory you can buy for your digital SLR. Before this strap, I was using the strap that came with my camera. At first it was okay. But once you start using lenses – other than the kit lens – you will start realizing how uncomfortable the strap is. It’s gotten so bad that during my research of finding a new DSLR, I ignored any of the weather sealed and magnesium body cameras because they weighed more than my current camera.

After posting about looking for a new camera and mentioned about the weight of my existing camera, someone had suggested to change my stock camera stock. Why didn’t I think of that (/facepalm) ? Some have suggested Blackrapid. I checked them out but instead went for Carry Speed. It was slightly cheaper and the videos and demos I saw were what sold me. The ballhead system is great as well. The CS-3 model is what I went with. It’s a pleasure to use and very comfortable. I can easily carry my Canon XS (1000D) by my hip and pull up for a shot to my chest in a second. The strap is padded so it doesn’t put much strain on my shoulder. The strap also has tripod holes so that you don’t have to remove it if ever you need to use a tripod while the strap is connected.

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