Rode VideoMic Pro

My new shotgun microphone came in today. I picked the Rode VideoMic Pro. I’ve checked out some reviews and Youtube videos and this became my choice for the budget and my noobness with video/audio. I will be using it on my Canon M30. Here are some pics I took. It looks like a scorpion doesn’t it?

Canon has a proprietary hot shoe so luckily the package included a lighting bracket. If you want it to work with the Canon M30, you will need the adapter which I will be picking up soon.

I’ve only done very little testing and so far it’s a lot better than the built-in mic.

I’m also planning on using it with my Sony A65 and again with the proprietary hot shoe. So I will also get theadapter.

The battery is a 9V and of course it doesn’t come with it. Many have said it will record up to 70 hours, so we’ll see about that. Also the compartment is a bit tricky in the beginning to remove and replace. The cover itself has metal contacts so if you lose it, the mic is useless until you get a replacement.

Can’t wait to use it for my son’s first Christmas program. I hope I can get the settings right and find that sweet spot and not ruin the recording.

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