Enable bridge mode for Motorola SBG6580

I recently had to replace my modem, the Motorola SBG6580. Prior to it breaking, I had it in bridge mode so that its router is disabled and my own router kicks in. I had this done by calling tech support. So now with a new modem (same model) I wanted it done again. I called tech support again thinking it would be easy for them to do it. Well the person didn’t understand what I was talking about so I requested to be transferred to a higher tier tech support. She didn’t, instead she put me on hold and she ask her senior tech support specialist. She comes back on the phone and told me that they couldn’t do it. I have repeatedly told her that they have in the past. I got frustrated and told her I’ll find another way.

I did a Google search and bam! Here’s what I found and it worked. http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r27015950-TWC-How-to-run-a-Motorola-SBG6580-in-Bridge-mode.

I should’ve known better than to call tech support first. I should’ve Googled first. I figured I’ll just do exactly what I did last time when I was able to get it done. Oh well, things are as they should again with my internet.

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