Icy Dock Flex-Fit Trio

I finally was able to use a custom bios for my HP N36L microsever. I got one from the bay. No I can use the 5th SATA port not just for the optical drive but for another hard drive. I also bought an e-SATA to SATA cable adapter so I can add another hard drive, bringing the total to 6 hard drives. Here are the parts I used.

The Icy Dock can hold a total of 3 hard drives – one 3.5” and two 2.5”. I ran out of SATA ports so I only have 6 hard drives total. I plan to run Freenas v9.x. I will post some power consumption readings and transfer speed once I get a chance. For now, here are some pics and a video.







Above is the eSATA to SATA cable adapter. I have it run through a hole from the back, through the upper part of the case.


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