iPhone 3G error 1015 fixed

I’ve been messing around with our old iPhone 3G a while ago and I did something to brick it. Now I can’t get it restored back. Every time I try, I get the 1015 error. From what I’ve read, it has something to do with the baseband version not matching with what iTunes is expecting.

It’s been a few months, maybe even a year since I last tried to find a solution. Finally, I have. I found a video on Youtube that explains how to fix the problem I am having.


It’s like taking a trip in a time machine. Google apps are native, no front-facing camera, no video capture, no Siri. It’s using iOS 4.2.1. I’m not sure what kind of apps will run in it. I may just give it to my son. He loves taking photos and videos on our phones right now and it’s filling up our space fast.

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