The Pastilles collection is hung with pretty pastel-coloured enamel charms. This key chain and bag charm also features an LV padlock and heart.

- Enamel and zamack
– Enamel charms with the LV logo and Monogram flower motifs
– Ring and snap hook engraved with the Louis Vuitton signature
– Part of the Pastilles collection

MSRP $475


I love the colors and how it adds life to most of Louis Vuitton Purse, of course it is not nice to put it in a MC line since it will be over doing it IMO.

This was available until early 2009 if I am not mistaken. It also came in a different color such as azur and rose which are pretty too. So if you are buying it in second reseller just make sure that the design is intricate, detailed and made of high quality material. Both ends should have engraving “Louis Vuitton and Made in Italy”. I have seen replica that has both encription but look carefully as the authentic one were engraved small. I think it was made that way to distinguish it and make it hard and expensive to be replicated. Well for that amount you will see the detail and craftsmanship of what you paid for. 🙂

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