Finally, our food blog

I have been wanting to start this food blog a long time ago. Well, now I have time or should I say I made time, I would want to start of with one of our favorite restaurant.

Lucilles bbq restaurant.

for more info check out their site…

Here’s how they started, I got this from their site.

That’s what folks said about the barbecue Lucille Buchanan grew up eating in her Grandma’s lunch shack, a tiny little nothing of a place on a back road in a small town way outside of Greenville. But Lucille didn’t know any different. She hadn’t traveled more than about 30 miles in any direction. It was just Granny’s cooking. And Lucille loved it

As soon as Lucille was tall enough to clear tables, Granny put her to work during summers and on weekends. She shared her secrets with Lucille on how to make the best Bar-B-Que…special spice rubs and savory wet ‘mops’ and sauces Lucille had to swear she’d never share with a soul. Most of all, she showed Lucille how to cook Bar-B-Que nice and slow, for hours on end in the gentle smoke of hickory wood, until the meat became sweet and succulent and so tender it would fall off the bone if you so much as looked at it.

When Lucille married Joe before World War II and followed him out to the naval yards in Long Beach, California, she discovered that the folks back home were right: Granny’s Bar-B-Que was the best. She and Joe couldn’t find anything like it anywhere from San Diego to Santa Barbara and beyond.

So she found herself a place in Long Beach and started cooking Bar-B-Que just like she used to eat at home – with Granny’s permission, of course! Naturally, Lucille added some of her own special touches, like buttermilk biscuits and peach cobbler. After the war, Joe joined her in the restaurant. When they had children, and later grandchildren, they helped out, too.

And Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que grew and grew and just like they did when she’d eavesdrop on the customers back at the lunch shack, folks started talking…

To start off a buttermilk biscuit with cinnamon butter is a great appetite. But don’t eat too much and save some space for the entree. My husband and I cant finish a single order so usually we would share a combo platter. It has 2 side dishes and a tri tip, chicken bbq chicken and st. louis ribs. They have three different combination platter and we would order different ones everytime. But whatever we get, we just like their bbq. And do not pass on their muddy water, absolutely good. It goes well with their bbqs. It is a mixture of iced tea and lemon but it doesnt taste like any ordinary lemon iced tea. The lemon flavor is distinct and its like you can taste the tea and lemon separately.

Inside Lucilles, you will feel a southern environment with vintage memorabilia.

Overall, I give this a rating of 8 out of 10. The food is definitely good but some may find it a little bit pricey. But if you want a good treat, you might as well try it if you want to know if its worth the price. Next time, I would post something that has the same taste but a little bit cheaper than Lucille’s. It’s Johnny Reb’s.

If you would want to try it, I would suggest to go there for an early lunch or perhaps on the week days since the people would really wait in a long tine before they can be seated. Thats why if you are curious and would want to give this a try, don’t forget to bing some patience since the wait maybe 30-45 minutes since people love their bbq.

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