I sit in for the TOEFL iBT last May 30, 2008 in Ontario, CA. This is my first attempt for the test and I was very anxious since the requirement for the National Pharmacy Board is too high in some areas for instance in a scale of 30 we need 26 for the speaking which is around 89%. This has been the waterloo of most pharmacist intern. Thankfully, I was able to meet all the requirements and I will be able to start to work as an intern already. There are several materials that I used for this exam. I wouldn’t personally recommend it for everybody because that is just how I react when I am stressed. Books are my security blanket. To mention some of what I have are Barrons 12 ed. TOEFL iBT this is helpful as a practice test, Princeton’s TOEFL iBT is more of techniques which I will highly recommend, another is the ets official guide since it is from the test takers themselves this is good view of what is to be expected for the test, and Longmans speaking guide focused more on the speaking section. Although I have this books, I never had a chance to read everything. Well not because of time constraints, it was more of I am lazy to do so. I had two months to prepare for the test but in most days I would only put 2-4 hours a day, I think 3 weeks of 8 hours study would be enough to prepare for this test. The reason why I had two months is because that was the only date available in our location. There are a lot of people taking the test so depending on the area one should schedule the test months ahead. Also, I studied how to type faster since in our country in the Philippines we didn’t have this subject to improve our skill. It is important to learn this since for the writing section the time is limited, it is already hard enough to compose an essay that is why it would be an advantage to learn how to type faster. I underestimated the reading section, that is why after my exam that is the area that I was worried the most. During the practice test, I would often get a high score and I would even have spare time after each passage. This was totally different during the actual test. In the reading section, since this was the first area of test there were a lot of distraction since some of the test takers are just being seated and they are making noise as they test their microphone. This should be taken into consideration since I would often practice in a quiet environment. Listening part is the easiest and the dreaded Speaking part is easy if you did practice a lot by recording your answer so you can keep playing it back and improving your response. For all those taking this test, just practice a lot and put a lot prayers cause that always makes a difference and it has always been the key for me.

FPGEE got me busy

It’s been a while since I post a blog. I have been busy studying for the foreign pharmacy equivalency exam. At last I’m done studying for now, and on to the stage of anxiously waiting for the result. Hopefully me, Dra. Helene, Karen, and Loveline will pass the test and the rest in our group.

There are so many Filipinos who took the test and it was a surprised to see one of my classmate from college who was there to take the exam. I mean I havent seen here for more than 10 yrs and for all those times that now we havent seen each other……so many things had happen and weight gained…ha ha ha ha.

Well, we went early in San Jose, two days before the actual test. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel. Most of my friends just like me didn’t appreciate our stay there. Maybe personally speaking, I am comparing it to the service that I am used to back in Manila. I am expecting more from that hotel….and it didnt even meet the standard expectation. I have stayed from a 5-star hotel to a 3-star hotel in Philippines, Hongkong and China…and the experience was more pleasurable. I don’t know what the rating of Hilton is, but since we got there on our first day we were faced with a problem at once. Imagine booking a hotel 6 weeks in advance asking for a king-size bed and when you get there a twin bed was set. Not only that it was hard arguing with the receptionist and we insisted that we get the room that we reserved weeks ago. By the way he sounded he was trying to make it sound that we were at fault?!? After my husbands speech ( he gave him a good deserving complain and unacceptable remarks)…. he gave us the room we wanted. It was a first time for me to experience too, to ask for the toiletries like toothbrush and toothpaste and some other toiletries since it was noted in the room that although complementary they only give these when asked?!?! Aren’t those things paid for in the first place? Why not provide everything that the customer will be needing, I mean they do clean the room everyday and if they still have the supplies then don’t replace it rather than arriving there without the toiletries and slippers and robe. Especially when it takes them two hours before they can deliver those things you asked for. Anyways, we enjoyed our stayed in San Jose, nevertheless that bad experience with the hotel, it did not stop us from making the most out of that trip. We were able to see the parade that Sunday, and we went to the infamous SanFo Golden Gate bridge. I also met my husbands relatives from there, we ate lunch together and they are funny and accommodating. Well my husbands uncle was a friend of my mom back in their teenage yrs.

I have so many things to keep me pre-occupied while I wait for my test result. Our wedding in the church will be next year so I need to finalize everything ASAP. I also have to study for TOEFL-ibt and the driving exam test. Not only that I would really like to learn how to bake. So many plans like my husband would say and I don’t even know where to begin;)