Target iPad Trade-in

Last week Target had a great deal with the trade-in programming involving iPads. The value of iPads were increased to $200, even the 1st gen iPad. This was perfect timing as I was ready to get rid of my 1st gen iPad. My son uses it and it’s gotten so old that many of his apps need to be updated but it can only be updated on a newer version of iOS. Since it’s the 1st gen iPad, it can only run iOS5. In short, he can’t update his apps because iOS is too old and since he can’t update his apps, he can’t run them.

I started to look into selling it on eBay or Amazon. I originally paid $599 for it and got it the first day it came out. It’s been a great device, just old. On average it looks like I can sell it for around $115. Minus the fees and shipping, I’m looking at around $90-100. It kind of made me disappointed at its worth. Fortunately I waited a few days (got lazy) and Target comes with this deal. I quickly jumped on it and got a $200 gift card. I used that and paid the price difference on a new iPad mini for my son. I haven’t given it to him yet and plan to as it gets closer to Christmas. So far he hasn’t wondered about where the iPad is, though he has been playing with ours.

So here’s the last pic I took before I parted ways with my first iPad. I will miss it, being it was the first of its kind. It gets difficult letting go of Apple products, at least for me it has been. It’s been great for my son as a media device (32GB) and the apps.


Here’s what’s replacing it. An iPad Mini 16GB. It’s not as big (storage) as the iPad1 but it should hold plenty of his movies plus it ensures compatibility and capability for another several years.


Target gave me 2 documents about the trade-in, the gift card for the value of my iPad, and on top of that Target was giving a $25 gift card with a purchase of an iPad Mini. The trade-in value was already a great deal for a very old iPad but to even sweeten the deal, I got another $25. Also that week, they had 10% off their iTunes gift card. I’m sure they timed every thing together to entice customers more. If you missed out, hopefully they’ll do it again.

Elephant Bar uses iPad to order food

I went to the Elephant Bar in Downey the other day for lunch. I sat in the bar and was given an iPad as a menu. It was great! They are able to provide pictures for each item in the menu. You can review the ingredients used for each item. If you are allergic, you can click and swipe to remove it. The best thing is you don’t have to wait for your server to become available in order to help you. The iPad will be able to assist you with almost any you need. If you require a server, there’s a button that will signal one. I was able to place all of my order through the iPad. After a few minutes, someone came by with my food.

You can also pay within the iPad with your credit card. There is a card reader attached on the side where you can swipe your credit card. If you want to pay with cash, you can initiate the transaction and a server will collect your money. All in all it was a great experience and very efficient. I was told that it was a pilot program and it was the only Elephant Bar that implemented it – based on the what the server told me. It’s great that businesses are using technology to increase efficiency and provide better customer service. Here’s a pic I took.