After Dump GoDaddy Day

I finally got confirmation of one domain successfully transferred over to my new registrar. One more domain to go. I’m leaving this domain with GoDaddy for now. I’ve also cancelled my hosting account and moved back to my old host, Hostmonster. They had a good deal during the holidays at $3.95 per month, so I signed up for 2 years. Of course if I cancel early, they will refund the amount for the unused time.

This is the first time I’m transferring domains. It’s easy but in my case I had paid for privacy information. If you have this, there are additional steps you have to take. It was a little headache at first but I just didn’t want to keep most of my stuff with GoDaddy.

My new registrar is Namecheap. We’ll see how they are. I’ve read mixed reviews so I’m not comfortable moving this domain to them yet.

Dump GoDaddy Day

Well, I’ll be participating in Dump GoDaddy Day (December 29, 2011). I will be moving my domains to another registrar and my hosting to another server. It’s ridiculous how they support SOPA. Many will also be dumping Godaddy. So for the next few days I will be moving my domains and hosting. It is possible that there will be down time. Sorry for the inconvenience but I don’t like supporting companies that support things I don’t agree with.